Professor de Villers
Singing Flowers (1-3 years)
Sun Apr 28, 2013 19:44

The school year was winding down, but Emilian de Villers still had some things to teach his beginners. As usual for the strict Professor, he stood outside of his classroom at 8:55 am watching as the students entered the room robeless as per usual. This time as they entered he handed each of them a pair of earmuffs. They didn’t have to put them on yet, but he didn’t want them fighting over them later.

Today, the Professor wore a pair of dark green scrub pants, along with a white t-shirt, around his own neck was a pair of black earmuffs, ready to be donned when needed. At exactly nine am the Professor entered his room shutting the door to his classroom. The door held a charm so that anyone who tried to open it would have their name written upon the piece of charmed paper which would also announce when the student would serve their detention.

“Good morning, students.” Emilian said with a smile as he walked to the table he had set for this lesson. This was his first foray into the more dangerous plants with his begginers. He had hoped that most of the students understood this classroom was not the one to mess around in. “Today we will be learning about the Siren Flower, you will want to take notes and wands out for this lesson.”

“If you do not know what a Siren is it is a dangerous and beautiful creature, often portrayed as femmes fatales, who lured nearby sailors with her enchanting music and voice to shipwreck on the rocky coast of her island.” Emilian smiled. “And now you are probably wondering what a Siren Flower is.”

“Siren Flowers are any Muggle flower that has been pollinated by an infected flower. The things that make them very different from normal mundane flowers is that these flowers sing and sway to their song Siren song. The younglings, that aren’t in bloom can’t kill you, but they can stun you. This means that they will stun you, and it could be days that you will be stuck there, staring at a flower. It allows the flowers time to bloom to fully kill you.”

“The way they kill you is rather interesting. After three notes you become stunned, after five your blood begins to boil, after ten blood starts to rise to the surface coming from eyes, ears, and mouth. After twelve notes comes brain death. Not a very nice way to die, in fact it sounds downright awful.” Emilian waited for the children to finish taking their notes.

“There is a way to get rid of it, thankfully. It’s a simple spell, ver tersum. You point your wand at the flower and swish your wand to the right, and flick it to the left and powerfully say ver tersum. You will know if you have done it correctly if the flower, both bloomed or un-bloomed has stopped moving.”

“Now, the government had been called in to clean up some from a local park and I was able to get some shipped to us to learn on. There are tulips, roses, peonies, daffodils and poppies here. Once everyone has their ear muffs on you can come up and get one plant. You may partner up, or you can go it alone there are more than enough to go around! If anyone takes off their earmuffs they will instantly be transported out of the room and will be serving detentions with me for the rest of term. So earmuffs on!” Emilian said as he grabbed a large case of potted plants. Once everyone had their earmuffs on Emilian opened the case and the students were allowed to come and get a pot.

    • I had a solar-powered dancing flower onceAukley Justesen {Lyra}, Thu May 2 19:52
      “Good morning, students. Today we will be learning about the Siren Flower, you will want to take notes and wands out for this lesson. If you do not know what a Siren is it is a dangerous and... more
      • That's pretty awesomeCalvin Marcus [Draco], Wed May 15 14:54
        As he entered the Herbology classroom, Cal took the black pair of earmuffs that Professor de Villers offered him and found a seat in one of the middle rows. Although he didn’t plan on breaking any... more
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      Anjali Soren liked to shop. She liked wearing pretty clothes and doing her hair up to match the latest styles. She had a poster of that Muggle boy band on one of her walls (but don’t tell her... more
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