Anjali Soren (Lyra)
Ooh, pretty!
Sun Apr 28, 2013 21:56

Anjali Soren liked to shop. She liked wearing pretty clothes and doing her hair up to match the latest styles. She had a poster of that Muggle boy band on one of her walls (but don’t tell her mother). The reason she hadn’t bought an owl was that she knew her mother would cite it as another reason she couldn’t have the fluffy Maltese of her dreams that she could put in a little bag and dress up in coordinating outfits. Her signature giggle was high and made its appearance often. Anjali had a fondness for pink and purple and puffs and ruffles and bows and ribbons. And sparkles. Especially sparkles.

And against all odds Anjali loved the great outside. She loved the fresh warmth of the good hot sun and the feel of the earth buoying her up as she ran. She loved the texture of rich dark earth spilling through her fingers. She didn’t so much mind dirt peeking out through her manicure or the crawling critters that made other girls squeal. So when the others balked at the thought of rolling up their sleeves and dirtying their jeans in one of her favorite classes, Anjali just tied up her hair and got down to business. After all, anyone believed jeans belonged in the upper part of their wardrobe was not worth her thoughts.

As Professor de Villiers, who Anjali believed to be very competent, lectured about Siren Flowers, Anjali twisted to get a look at the very things. It was hard to believe that such pretty and normal looking plant life could be so lethal, but one could say the same thing about wolfsbane, which her cousin’s crup had the misfortune of ingesting, and be dead wrong. Literally. Still that had been fairly quick and clean. She was quite certain that the Professor’s description of the what Siren Flowers did would play a lead role in her nightmares, so she listened extra carefully when the Professor defined the counter spell.

“Ver tersum,” she muttered under her breath, wand free hand performing the motion. Fairly simple. She didn’t see why she’d need a partner, but if someone asked her, she’d have a hard time refusing.

  • Singing Flowers (1-3 years)Professor de Villers, Sun Apr 28 19:44
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    • I had a solar-powered dancing flower onceAukley Justesen {Lyra}, Thu May 2 19:52
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    • Ooh, pretty! — Anjali Soren (Lyra), Sun Apr 28 21:56
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