Aukley Justesen {Lyra}
I had a solar-powered dancing flower once
Thu May 2, 2013 19:52

“Good morning, students. Today we will be learning about the Siren Flower, you will want to take notes and wands out for this lesson. If you do not know what a Siren is it is a dangerous and beautiful creature, often portrayed as femmes fatales, who lured nearby sailors with her enchanting music and voice to shipwreck on the rocky coast of her island. And now you are probably wondering what a Siren Flower is.” The Herbology teacher continued on to explain what a Siren Flower is, and its dangers, and the spell they'd need, and where he'd gotten the flowers... but Aukley began to drift off. She hadn't been sleeping very well of late, and the earmuffs she'd stuck around her neck for safekeeping were really soft...

But, she was in class, and she knew that sleeping through instructions at Rocky Mountain International led to dumb - and magical - mistakes. Aukley pinched herself every couple of seconds, lightly repeating to herself the important part of what she was supposed to do. "Ver tersum, stopped movement, teleporting earmuffs..." It took her a minute to process that Professor D. Villiers or whatever his name was - she'd never been very good with names - had asked them to put on their earmuffs now. It was about then that she realized some other students had taken notes and winced. Well, at least there didn't seem to be too many points she had to remember...

As Aukley jumped up to get a pot, it occured to her to wonder how people were supposed to work as partners when they all had earmuffs in. Writing notes, maybe? Still, this sounded like a pretty simple assignment, something she might be able to pull off by herself... maybe... but she was very tired, and it would be hard to stay awake if she didn't have something or someone to distract her.

Browsing through the potted dancing flowers- which were slightly reminiscent of the weird little solar-powered plastic dancing flowers her Mama kept in all the windows at home - Aukley couldn't really decide which flower to take. She kind of hoped they would be allowed to take the flowers with them, since they'd already made it here, and if that was the way of it she didn't want a poppy or a daffodil. Both flowers looked like they wanted to eat people even when they weren't magically out to kill you. Tulips were kind of neat, but pretty boring for a flower... so she took a potted peony bush. The swaying flowers were pale pink, almost white, and not at all scary. About half of them hadn't yet bloomed, and Aukley really liked the looks of it. However, her dorm didn't have sunlight and she didn't know how much to water it and if she messed up on the spell, keeping the flower could prove dangerous, right?

Frowning, Aukley set it out on her table and took a moment to try and remember the spell... but realized that she'd forgotten it. Whoops.

Pulling out a notebook and a pencil hurriedly she scribbled out, 'What's the spell again?' and passed the notebook and pencil to the student next to her. Hopefully, they had a better memory.

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