Calvin Marcus [Draco]
That's pretty awesome
Wed May 15, 2013 14:54

As he entered the Herbology classroom, Cal took the black pair of earmuffs that Professor de Villers offered him and found a seat in one of the middle rows. Although he didn’t plan on breaking any rules, he still found the teacher a bit intimidating, and he was reluctant to sit in the front row. That said, the man did a good job of explaining things and Cal had learned a lot in his class thus far.

At the professor’s instruction to take notes, Cal removed a sheet of parchment, a quill, and ink from his bag and placed it on his desk. His green eyes widened at the way in which the Siren Flower could kill you. What a terrible way to go, and how embarrassing it would be to have your cause of death be a flower of all things.

When the professor was finished explaining the spell, the redhead put on his earmuffs and walked up to the front of the room to get a flower. He looked over all the options, eventually picking out a daffodil. He thought about finding a partner, but it was a pretty basic task, so he wasn’t going to bother with that today.

Cal walked back to his desk and set the flower on it. He examined his notes for a moment to make sure that he knew just what he needed to do in order to deactivate the flower’s dangerous properties. Once he’d finished that, he removed his wand from his pocket and prepared to cast the spell. However, he was interrupted by the girl next to him when she passed her notebook and pencil to him. He looked down to see What’s the spell again? scrawled on the page. For a second, he wondered why exactly the girl had written her question instead of just asking him out loud, but then he remembered they were wearing earmuffs.

Cal looked at her for a moment before picking up her pencil and writing his response: Ver tersum. He passed the notebook and pencil back to her with a smile.

  • I had a solar-powered dancing flower onceAukley Justesen {Lyra}, Thu May 2 19:52
    “Good morning, students. Today we will be learning about the Siren Flower, you will want to take notes and wands out for this lesson. If you do not know what a Siren is it is a dangerous and... more
    • That's pretty awesome — Calvin Marcus [Draco], Wed May 15 14:54
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