Professor de Villers
Let's color the room!
Mon Jun 24, 2013 18:32

While Emilian de Villiers was known as a strict Professor, and he did enjoy the more dangerous plants than most people he could have fun lessons. Today’s lesson would be a fantastic lesson for the beginner students. As usual for the Professor, he stood outside of his classroom at 8:55 am watching as the students entered the room robeless as per usual. He wore a pair of bright aqua scrub pants and a bright purple t-shirt.

He smiled as each came in but was silent. At exactly nine am Emilian entered his room shutting the door to his classroom. The door held a charm so that anyone who tried to open it would have their name written upon the piece of charmed paper which would also announce when the student would serve their detention.

“Good morning students!” it was a few weeks into school and the children knew by now his rules. “Today we are going to be having a bit of fun! We are going to be replanting this area.” he said and spread his hands towards a large field in the first green house. “Now for the children who dislike digging in dirt put your worries aside.”

“We will be replanting puffapods!” He said holding up a large pink pod that had some shining beans in it. “It’s very simple to plant these, you simply throw it to the ground!” With that he threw the seed down and instantly flowers sprouted up.

“Now we are going to play a game with these. You’ll be splitting up into two groups one will be the blue group and the others will be the pink group. The group with the most flowers planted at the end of class wins. But it will not be simple! As you plant you can also use Colovaria to change the color of the flower! Well hop to it!” he said with a smile.

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