Professor de Villers
Let's get dangerous! (4-5th years)
Tue Jul 16, 2013 19:43

The young Professor of Herbology stood near the door at 12:55 as the students began to file in, wearing a black pair of scrub pants, and a navy t-shirt. His Dragonhide gloves were tucked into the back of his pants. Around his waist was a soft leather gardener tool belt that held his wand along with everything a Muggle gardener would use. As the intermediate students entered he made sure no one of them were wearing their robes, or anything too loose and then directed them to the back row of tables.

At exactly one pm Emilian shut the door to his classroom, the door charmed so that anyone who tried to open it would have their name written upon the piece of charmed paper which would also announce when the student would serve their detention. “Good afternoon!” He said with a smile.

“Today we’ll be learning about Venomous Tentacula!” he said excitedly. “ Now the plant is a green, spiky, toothsome plant with mobile vines that try to grab living prey. Venomous Tentacula expels venom from its shoots, and its spikes are deadly. Its bite is highly poisonous and can prove fatal if fully grown. No worries ours will only stun you. There’s an antidote on my desk just in case.” He pointed to the large blue bottle sitting near the desk.

Emilian picked up one and went to grab his wand that was usually right in the tool belt but it was missing. He looked around on the floor but by the time he spotted it, sitting on a high shelf a few feet away. He frowned wondering how it had gotten there. He moved towards the shelf but was instantly pulled back by the damn plant. “Well this is awkward.” Emilian said with a laugh. “Well who would like to cast Diffindo to stun and a sever the vine attached to my arm?”

He was about to choose a student when the damn plant bit into his arm. The Professor fell down smacking his head on the table. A loud voice began to laugh as he made his presence known by grabbing up the bottle of antidote from the Professor’s desk.

Shifty smiled as he appeared in front of the kids. “I have the antidote, and the doors are blocked by the Venomous Tentacula!” he said chuckling. As the boring professor had spoken Shifty had been slowly moving all the planted Venomous Tentacula and now the vines were heavily covering the door. “Better not get caughttttttttt” Shifty said with a laugh before flying up to the rafters to watch the ensuing chaos.

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