Olivia Knight [Draco]
Or not!!! [Tag: Professor]
Wed Jul 17, 2013 02:18

Eagerness hastened Olivia’s pace as she scurried off to the greenhouse-like Herbology classroom. While perhaps some of her classmates did not enjoy returning to the learning environment after their lunch break, she was always more than pleased. Herbology was by far her favorite class and also her best. In no other class had she ever scored an O, whereas in Herbology the grade was nearly constant.

“Good afternoon, Professor,” the Draco smiled as she entered the classroom, one of the first. While her favorite professor remained Professor Gallico, Professor de Villers was a close second; he taught a class in which she actually succeeded using a method by which she actually understood. Those things were most assuredly positive attributes, along with the other pleasant traits the man featured.

Or perhaps Professor de Villers was her favorite now, but there were other reasons and silly ideas about him swimming through Olivia’s mind that made her blush but also made her hate herself. She ignored that.

Attentively she listened as the professor began to explain today’s lesson. While she wanted to rescue him from the plant, she knew her actual spellwork was not reliable enough to perform a spell on something touching him and waited for someone else to volunteer. Before anyone could, the plant apparently bit him, because he fell.

A gasp escaped her as he went down, hitting his head along the way. Instinctively nurturing and compassionate, Olivia instantly ran over to him. She refused to allow herself to be unsettled by the laughing thing that took the antidote; currently, checking Professor de Villers' health was more important than a maniacal poltergeist.

Gently, she cradled the professor’s head, attempting to see if he was bleeding but wanting to do so without inflicting any more damage. “Professor?” she said, audibly shaken. “Professor, can you hear me?” Oh, Merlin, Olivia had not been expecting this much chaos when she woke up this morning; playing with plants was usually so much more peaceful!

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    • Or not!!! [Tag: Professor] — Olivia Knight [Draco], Wed Jul 17 02:18
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