Logan Brophy [Lyra]
The worst-laid plans
Wed Jul 17, 2013 19:49

Not caring about school was actually, Logan realized, a problem. It wasn’t even that he didn’t care—he absolutely cared about what kind of job he was going to have—but he didn’t want to do anything. Celeste had joked that his dream occupation was being a trophy wife.

Logan resented the implication… but on the other hand, who wouldn’t want to be a trophy wife? (Or trophy husband, as the case may be.) The only thing Logan got really excited about was playing the harp, but he was smart enough to know that that was a stupid career plan. Besides competition and no job security, he wanted a job where he wouldn’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck. John had hired him over the summer as a sign language interpreter at the community theater John had essentially taken over, and Logan liked doing that. It was good to know that signing was a marketable skill.

This still boiled down to Logan not knowing what he wanted to do, so he’d just picked a handful of classes to stay with—one of which was Herbology. Part of this decision was based on him liking Professor de Villiers. He gave off this relaxed, confident air that Logan appreciated in a teacher.

Today’s class was anything but relaxing and confidence-inspiring. The first thing that happened was Professor de Villiers getting lassoed by the Venomous Tentacula, and the next thing that happened was that the plant bit him and he hit his head on the desk and apparently passed out, and the last thing that happened was a yellow-eyed demon swooped in and stole the antidote from the desk. All in all, one of the worst ways Logan had ever had a class begin.

While Logan was still staring at the poltergeist—RMI has a poltergeist, Lia’s mentioned a poltergeist, I don’t know what the hell a poltergeist looks like but I bet this is him—Olivia Knight had run over to Professor de Villiers. That was fine; she’d stop the Tentacula from eating him or whatever. Logan had drawn his wand to free the teacher. He looked up and aimed at the poltergeist, prepared to Summon the bottle of antidote back.

Accio” had just left his lips when Logan felt a tug at his ankle and realized he had a slightly more pressing situation to deal with. He cut the vines groping at his leg with a few quick Severing Charms. We need antidote. And if the poltergeist had the only bottle in the room, they needed either Deputy de los Santos or Professor Gallico.

Unless they wanted to fight the poltergeist or something. Logan wasn’t sure they could fight a poltergeist. Poltergeists used magic, right? He was probably better at magic than a handful of teenagers. The Lyra glanced around with brown eyes, studying the blocked door and the solid walls of the greenhouse. At least one of them had to get out and get help—the Venomous Tentaculas didn’t seem very happy, and there was no guarantee the poltergeist wouldn’t do anything more. What they needed, Logan thought, was a conscious adult who hadn’t been poisoned. “Is it more dangerous to fight the plant or break the glass?” he asked his closest classmate, uncomfortable with the vocalization but acutely aware that this was much faster. Someone had to make the decision, and Logan did not want to be responsible for it.

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