Oh dear
Sun Jul 21, 2013 16:31

Emilian laid in bed, it was cozy here. He could feel the blanket wrapped all around his head and his house elf telling him it was time to get up. He moaned as he tried to flip over and tell the house elf to give him another hour or so. He hated to wake up early. Plus there was really no reason for him to get out of bed all his classes..... wait he had been teaching hadn’t he? No, no that wouldn’t make any sense. Why would he be in bed if he was teaching.

The Professor kept his eyes shut and mumbled “Go away.” to the house elf who seemed to be holding his head now. Emilian groaned as he once again thought of his students, his first years would be taking an exam that he dreaded grading, and his advanced students were going to be working with Monkshood, while his intermediate kids would be learning about Venomous Tentacula. Wait....why did his wrist hurt? He must’ve slept on it wrong or something.

With his eyes still closed, Emilian began to think about the Headmaster. Emilian wasn’t sure why the older man had caught his attention so but he didn’t mind it so much, especially since Estelle and Bailey seemed indifferent to him. Perhaps Emilian really only liked the attention James gave him. He lifted his non-hurting wrist to his head and was surprised when that cause him pain and his hand came back slick. No, Emilian knew for sure this time something was wrong.

“Open your eyes.” he demanded to himself. He could suddenly tell he wasn’t laying in his bed, the ground while not rock hard wasn’t as soft as his bed. The voice he was hearing wasn’t a house elf, no it was a student’s voice he was hearing and passed that he could hear many more voices, and it sounded like his room was in chaos.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and was looking into the eyes of Olivia Knight. At first he spoke to her in French, “Que s'est-il passé?” then he shook his head not many of the children here spoke his language. “What has happened?” he said slowly not willing to sit up just yet.

  • Or not!!! [Tag: Professor]Olivia Knight [Draco], Wed Jul 17 02:18
    Eagerness hastened Olivia’s pace as she scurried off to the greenhouse-like Herbology classroom. While perhaps some of her classmates did not enjoy returning to the learning environment after their... more
    • Oh dear — Emilian , Sun Jul 21 16:31
      • My thoughts exactly!!Olivia, Mon Jul 29 22:12
        Initially, the professor began to speak French, and while Olivia did not understand the language, it was a good sign that he was conscious and functional. He translated a moment later, too, asking... more
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