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Mon Jul 29, 2013 22:12

Initially, the professor began to speak French, and while Olivia did not understand the language, it was a good sign that he was conscious and functional. He translated a moment later, too, asking what had happened. “The Venomous Tentacula bit you,” she stated, her voice relaxing slightly, relieved by his consciousness. “You hit your head when you fell.” The event had been rather scary to watch, especially with the Poltergeist making matters worse.

He had touched his head, and given that the hand returned red, it was clearer how extensive the damages were. “You’re bleeding!” she exclaimed nervously, composing herself a moment later. “B-but, uh, I’m sure you will be okay.” Professor de Villiers needed to see the medic, but with the blockade of venomous plants across the door, the Draco was fairly certain that no one was going anywhere for a while.

Olivia was not a trained medic, but she was one of Medic de los Santos’s students. Since beginning Intro to Healing, she had taken to carrying some first-aid-type supplies in her bag. However, her bag was out of her grasps, as it had apparently fallen off of her halfway between her seat and the professor. Glancing nervously between the bag and Professor de Villiers, the brunette said slowly, “I need you to hold yourself up just for a moment, okay, Professor? I have bandages in my bag, but I have to let go of you to reach it.”

She waited a moment and, hoping she had felt a change in his physicality, hurried to her bag, grabbed it, and returned. The fourteen year old shifted through her things until she found a bandage that would be appropriate for the wound. “I’ll put this on you for now, and when we get out of here, Medic de los Santos can treat you more properly.” She paused to allow his consent before crawling to a better angle and applying the bandages. The sticky edges might not have felt too pleasant to be removed later, but it was better than bleeding freely.

It was likely, she imagined, that Professor de Villiers still felt rather out of sorts, but she could not handle that problem without the antidote. “You need the antidote,” Olivia stated for his benefit, chocolate eyes glimmering with concern and what was almost fear. “A poltergeist took the vile on your desk. Is there another somewhere else?” If there was not, she was unsure what the next course of action would have to be. They would have to retrieve the vile from the poltergeist, but with the professor stunned, there was no way a group of fourteen and fifteen year olds could defeat an opponent of such caliber.

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