Professor de Villiers
Fun with Inferi
Fri Aug 2, 2013 14:34

As usual for the Professor he stood outside of his door at 12:55. He shifted uncomfortably as he watched some students look over the new scar their Herbology Professor was sporting. It was still bright red with newness, and it twisted around his left arm from around his wrist up until the short sleeve of his blue scrub shirt obscured it. It really went up to his shoulder but he was glad that they couldn’t see the rest of it. The person who gave it to him was thankfully six feet under now.

At exactly one pm Emilian shut the door to his classroom, the door charmed so that anyone who tried to open it would have their name written upon the piece of charmed paper which would also announce when the student would serve their detention. He glanced around to make sure the damn poltergeist wasn’t around

“Good afternoon.” He said with a smile. “Today we’ll be continuing our section on man eating plants.” Emilian then pointed up to large hanging flowers that looked big enough to swallow an adult whole.
“Those are called Angel Trumpets and they will not only eat you but cause you to become like a Inferi so you can bring them more food!

Emilian smiled up at them, they were really beautiful. “The first thing they’ll do you is draw you in with their beauty and when you are right under it they’ll drop this powder on to you. Once you breath in the powder it slowly takes over your mind. You are alive, but have no control over what you do. You are almost like inferi, but can be killed in a normal way.”

“Once you are under it’s spell you will find your way into a area with other humans. There you will infect them with the same powder. After you have infected anywhere from one to ten people your body will travel back to the plant and allow it to be eaten by the plant that swoops down on either side of you and sucks you up.” Emilian said.

“Of course, while your body is being broke down the humans you infected are infecting more and coming to feed the plant or the plants’ off spring. There’s only one way to rid yourself of the effects of the plant and that is a blood cleaner potion.”

“Today we’ll be taking out the Angel Trumpet powder for potions classes of course! But we must be very careful! We will all be using goggles, and masks around our noses and mouths so we do not breath it in. Once, we are all prepared you can accio one of the trumpets and slowly cut open the bumps on the side and empty the powder into the tubs right there. If you happen to breath in any of the powder no worries, I have a charm on the room that will turn anyone infected red. As soon as you turn red, you will be stunned and I will bring you to the Medic ASAP.”

“Ready? Goggles and masks on! Let’s do it!” He said with a smile.

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