Emilian de Villiers
A Saturday off
Thu Aug 8, 2013 22:24

Emilian loved his herbology room, he actually enjoyed it better when no one was in here. Like his greenhouse at home, whenever he was feeling down he would go and work in the dirt there. Emilian was thankful it was Saturday, the hallways were quite, so he had the door to the classroom open. His radio played classical music as he dug in the dark, rich earth.

The Professor currently had his shirt off so all could see the scars upon his back, reminders of all the lessons his father had taught him with the leather belt. One was even in the shape of the de Villiers crest. His father had held the belt buckle over the fire and branded his then eleven year old son.

On his chest, over his heart Emilian had tattooed “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.” in French. Along with that on his ribs he had the Fleur-de-lis crossed with the two swords for the Brotherhood of Purity. The Pureblood had a third one but that was on his leg which the crest Aemilian family, his mother’s family. He figured if he had the de Villiers one branded on him he might as well get his mother’s tattooed on him. Of course, he had the newest scar on his arm that went from wrist to shoulder twisting around was still bright and pink.

Emilian was humming along to the music, when he heard a noise from the hallway. He glanced up to see the delicious studious Headmaster, James Abbadi. “Oh hello sir.” Emilian said standing up, now painfully aware that he was half naked in front of his boss.

    • I could use a day off as well. James Abbadi, Fri Aug 9 13:33
      James had always been one to act first and think later. The strategy had served him well as an auror, up until he’d been injured of course. His more recent years as a professor and now headmaster had ... more
      • Then let's enjoy the day....together?Emilian , Fri Aug 9 14:00
        When Emilian first saw the wand his initial reaction was to draw his own, surely the Headmaster, the ex Auror, had finally figured out the person he had been friendly towards was a dark wizard.... more
        • For as long as we canJames, Fri Aug 9 14:24
          James was torn when Emilian pulled on a t-shirt. On the one hand he was thankful that the professor was covering up – perhaps he wouldn’t be so distracted around him now – but on the other hand,... more
          • I'll take every moment I canEmilian, Mon Aug 12 11:30
            Emilian smiled when the Headmaster insisted her call him James. Well at least now he didn’t have to call him Sir, which reminded Emilian of his father. Yet, Emilian noticed when the shirt had come to ... more
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