James Abbadi
I could use a day off as well.
Fri Aug 9, 2013 13:33

James had always been one to act first and think later. The strategy had served him well as an auror, up until he’d been injured of course. His more recent years as a professor and now headmaster had undone the rigidity of that training to an extent, but James would always be a man of action. He hadn’t enjoyed sitting around doing homework when he was a kid, always preferring the more interactive classes offered at school, like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. While he recognized that deskwork was a part of his reality now and always would be, there were times when he felt fed up with it all the same.

The ex-auror pulled on a red t-shirt and then brushed a piece of lint off his jeans. He ought to get a haircut soon, but didn’t feel like running such errands at the moment. Neither did he want to look at the pile of papers sitting on his kitchen table. It was Saturday, and he needed a break from responsibility. Still, his conscience nagged at him – midterm was just around the corner and there was a lot to get done. As troublesome as dealing with Shifty had been thus far, James was secretly relieved that the poltergeist was acting up. Shifty was an invitation for action, and the headmaster was more than willing to leave his desk and face him head on. James looked at the pile of papers and then resolutely decided that a casual inspection of the campus was more necessary. Yes, he would walk the grounds to make sure that Shifty wasn’t getting up to any more mischief. The papers could wait until the evening, or better yet Sunday.

The poltergeist had been causing the most disturbances in classrooms, much to James’ dismay. The headmaster had a bit of a mischievous streak himself and could appreciate a good prank, but intervening with the students’ education was entirely different. As he walked the hallways it occurred to him how strange it would look to students to see him in such casual wear. He grinned at the thought, half hoping he would run into someone, but his path remained empty. James had just rounded a corner when he first heard the hints of a tune being played. Following his ears brought him closer to the Herbology classroom, the door to which was open. He’d never taken Shifty for a fan of classical music.

James crept closer ever so softly and drew his wand from his pocket. Then in one quick stride he entered the classroom, only to find a rather shirtless Emilian working on some plants. “Oh. Emilian” was all James could say at first to the professor’s greeting, given how unnerving it was to find himself so distracted by the man in front him. The headmaster thought he’d seen scars on Emilian’s back, but the professor had turned too quickly for him to be sure. In any case, it would be unprofessional to question him on it. Instead, James focused on the tattoo across his heart. Ce qui me ne détruit pas me rend plus fort. It took only a second for James to understand the words’ meaning. Fluent in English and Arabic, the third language he’d chosen to learn was French, given its prevalence in certain areas in the Middle East.

Emilian had clearly been through more than James was aware of, and he found himself highly keen to learn more. Suddenly painfully aware that he was staring, James tore his eyes away from the professor and looked around the classroom. “I see I’ve come at a bad time.” He turned to leave. “I’ll let you continue.”

  • A Saturday offEmilian de Villiers, Thu Aug 8 22:24
    Emilian loved his herbology room, he actually enjoyed it better when no one was in here. Like his greenhouse at home, whenever he was feeling down he would go and work in the dirt there. Emilian was... more
    • I could use a day off as well. — James Abbadi, Fri Aug 9 13:33
      • Then let's enjoy the day....together?Emilian , Fri Aug 9 14:00
        When Emilian first saw the wand his initial reaction was to draw his own, surely the Headmaster, the ex Auror, had finally figured out the person he had been friendly towards was a dark wizard.... more
        • For as long as we canJames, Fri Aug 9 14:24
          James was torn when Emilian pulled on a t-shirt. On the one hand he was thankful that the professor was covering up – perhaps he wouldn’t be so distracted around him now – but on the other hand,... more
          • I'll take every moment I canEmilian, Mon Aug 12 11:30
            Emilian smiled when the Headmaster insisted her call him James. Well at least now he didn’t have to call him Sir, which reminded Emilian of his father. Yet, Emilian noticed when the shirt had come to ... more
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