Then let's enjoy the day....together?
Fri Aug 9, 2013 14:00

When Emilian first saw the wand his initial reaction was to draw his own, surely the Headmaster, the ex Auror, had finally figured out the person he had been friendly towards was a dark wizard. Emilia wasn’t truly evil, he did what he had to for survival. He had tried to be a normal wizard but the darker magics were better and more powerful. Maybe, the rumors of Dru’s death weren’t believed and someone had openly accused him. Yet, why would they send a man who had been out of the game for so long to apprehend a master duelist?

Emilian was glad that he was slow to action because the Headmaster simply greeted him with a expression of surprise. Obviously, the Headmaster had thought there was someone else in the room. Perhaps that damn ghost who had ruined his class. Emilian grabbed the blue t-shirt that he had hung from his back pocket so he didn’t get it dirty and put it on quickly. He knew that the Headmaster had gotten a good look at his chest but that didn’t bother him, he didn’t want James to see the scars on his back.

“I see I’ve come at a bad time. I’ll let you continue.” James said as Emilian popped his head out of the hole and his arms into the right places. He tugged down the shirt and smiled as he wiped the hair out of his face.

“Oh, Sir, it’s not a bad time. I was just digging up some mandrakes so the intermediates to replant later this week but they can wait.” Emilian moved towards James. “Was there something you needed?” Inside Emilian was pleading for the Headmaster to stay, Emilian had friends but they were all Purebloods and he liked James. The older man had a calming effect on the dark haired Professor.

  • I could use a day off as well. James Abbadi, Fri Aug 9 13:33
    James had always been one to act first and think later. The strategy had served him well as an auror, up until he’d been injured of course. His more recent years as a professor and now headmaster had ... more
    • Then let's enjoy the day....together? — Emilian , Fri Aug 9 14:00
      • For as long as we canJames, Fri Aug 9 14:24
        James was torn when Emilian pulled on a t-shirt. On the one hand he was thankful that the professor was covering up – perhaps he wouldn’t be so distracted around him now – but on the other hand,... more
        • I'll take every moment I canEmilian, Mon Aug 12 11:30
          Emilian smiled when the Headmaster insisted her call him James. Well at least now he didn’t have to call him Sir, which reminded Emilian of his father. Yet, Emilian noticed when the shirt had come to ... more
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