For as long as we can
Fri Aug 9, 2013 14:24

James was torn when Emilian pulled on a t-shirt. On the one hand he was thankful that the professor was covering up – perhaps he wouldn’t be so distracted around him now – but on the other hand, well, there was no denying that Emilian worked out. Having gone through the rigors of auror training, albeit over a decade ago, James could appreciate the effort it took to stay in shape and took it upon himself to stay trim.

It was more than evident that Shifty would not be found in the greenhouse and James knew he ought to continue his rounds, but he turned back to Emilian immediately when called back. “Call me James,” he said, stalling as he searched for a reason to stay in the classroom, guilty conscience be damned. Work could come later. “Actually, there is something,” James said as he moved towards and then past Emilian so that he could get a closer look at the plants. He had to hand it to the man, he’d certainly done an excellent job of maintaining and improving the greenhouse. Apparently RMI’s last professor, Arthur Bennett, had been obsessed with plants to an extreme and had taken it upon himself to add a whole bunch of new foliage to the school’s already extensive supply. It was wonderful to see that his work was being carried on with such gusto.

“I’ve been thinking lately that my office is rather drab, and plants could be just the thing to add some life to it.” He walked back towards Emilian, arms folded. “I’m afraid I don’t have much of a green thumb however, so I was hoping you might make some suggestions as to which of these plants will be able to withstand my best efforts to bring about their demise.”

  • Then let's enjoy the day....together?Emilian , Fri Aug 9 14:00
    When Emilian first saw the wand his initial reaction was to draw his own, surely the Headmaster, the ex Auror, had finally figured out the person he had been friendly towards was a dark wizard.... more
    • For as long as we can — James, Fri Aug 9 14:24
      • I'll take every moment I canEmilian, Mon Aug 12 11:30
        Emilian smiled when the Headmaster insisted her call him James. Well at least now he didn’t have to call him Sir, which reminded Emilian of his father. Yet, Emilian noticed when the shirt had come to ... more
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