I'll take every moment I can
Mon Aug 12, 2013 11:30

Emilian smiled when the Headmaster insisted her call him James. Well at least now he didn’t have to call him Sir, which reminded Emilian of his father. Yet, Emilian noticed when the shirt had come to a final resting place the Headmaster seemed a bit put off. Had James just been checking him out? Of course not! Emilian was sure James was straight just as he was.

Emilian frowned when James said he should be going, but was instantly brought to a smile when James said there was something he could help with. Emilian froze a bit when James moved towards him but relaxed when the Headmaster went over to closer to the plants. Emilian had wondered if the older man had seen the scars.

Emilian smiled when the Headmaster confided in him that he didn’t have a green thumb and neither did he want to kill the plants. Emilian thought for a moment and held up a finger. He ran into the back and quickly returned with a potted plant that had a cover over it. Under the cover it sounded as if something was talking. “This is a rare flower, it’s called the parrot flower!” Emilian said grinning. He currently had three bred from the same one his mother had.

Emilian lifted off the cover and they were greeted with an enthusiastic “Hello!” and then it began to jabber about Herbology room. Mostly, how it enjoyed the green space. It was the shape of a sunflower but larger, and had two black dots in the middle of it’s head and a mouth like structure right underneath. It was a bright red color on the face but the petals around it were alternating blue and green.

“She’ll tell you when she needs sunlight, or water, and every day a few sentences will keep her talking. She’s young so she’ll learn quickly what kind of stuff you enjoy talking about.” Emilian’s favorite had to be kept in his private room away from anyone because that flower knew all of Emilian’s deepest secrets, including what the wands on his wall meant. The only good thing was that his flower spoke French and not many people knew that around here.

“Would you like her, James?” Emilian asked. “Or would you prefer something quieter?”

  • For as long as we canJames, Fri Aug 9 14:24
    James was torn when Emilian pulled on a t-shirt. On the one hand he was thankful that the professor was covering up – perhaps he wouldn’t be so distracted around him now – but on the other hand,... more
    • I'll take every moment I can — Emilian, Mon Aug 12 11:30
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