Professor Scott Padral
Years 4&5 (nm)
Thu Jan 23, 2014 14:48

  • Boils and Pus... It's Bubotuber TimeProfessor Scott Padral, Thu Jan 23 09:29
    Walking into the Herbology room, Scott settled into his new desk and awaited his fourth and fifth year students. He played with the hem of his nerdy tee shirt with a bowtruckle saying "My Tree" on it ... more
    • Hey there, dudeStarr Colindale [Draco], Sat Feb 1 14:38
      Starr was kind of bummed out about being back from the holidays. Everything at school was so regimented and he missed his family. Having that little taste of his old life his real life over the... more
      • You're Never Alone When Talking to YourselfZach Drogan (Cetus), Thu Feb 13 00:20
        Zach liked plants as much as the next kid, but the thought of squeezing out any sort of fluid from these weird looking pods was not exactly a walk in the park. Not only did the smell bother him, but... more
    • Hands-on administratingHeadmistress Elizabeth Guinevere Warren, Thu Jan 23 18:12
      Elizabeth Guinevere understood, as anyone with common sense should, that the respect held for the certain leadership positions did not, necessarily, transfer with those positions. And as more... more
      • I don't want to be administrated!Reece Campbell (Draco), Fri Jan 24 05:44
        Originally, herbology had all been a scheme for him. It was a possible route to determining what drugs the faculty used to make students fall so easily for their magic tricks, and so Reece had thrown ... more
    • Years 4&5 (nm) — Professor Scott Padral, Thu Jan 23 14:48
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