Starr Colindale [Draco]
Hey there, dude
Sat Feb 1, 2014 14:38

Starr was kind of bummed out about being back from the holidays. Everything at school was so regimented and he missed his family. Having that little taste of his old life – his real life – over the break had just hammered home what he was missing here. It just didn't compare. At least Herbology was cool. The teacher was pretty laid back – he didn't wear stuffy suits all the time and just seemed like a chill kind of guy – besides which Starr liked plants. How could you not? Cos like... everything in life came back to nature. You needed to know about it. There was the dangerous side – nature could be poisonous and could whoop your ass just from like... touching a leaf or something. You had to be aware and you had to respect it for that reason. But it was also just... Nature. It was so fundamental and everything could be brought back to its forces. It was eternal. It was everything. You had to respect it because it deserved respect.

He was busy pondering this whilst he was supposed to be listening and so didn't respond to the question, although he'd come across Bubotubers before. Even if he'd noticed the professor talk about the plant like it was a person that wouldn't have struck him as odd. When his came around, he reached out and gently stroked its leaves.

“Hey there, dude,” he addressed the plant softly. It seemed to shiver slightly at his touch but in an appreciative way. He'd collected Bubotuber pus before and had been concerned as it seemed so... pinchy and unkind. But his mother had explained that the pods would burst anyway on their own. You weren't doing anything to the plant that wouldn't happen naturally anyway. So long as you did it gently and with respect for the plant, it wasn't going to harm it or stress it out.

He was about to explain the process further to his plant, when he heard a voice next to him.

“Sorry?” he queried, switching his attention, “I was talking to the plant.”

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    • Hey there, dude — Starr Colindale [Draco], Sat Feb 1 14:38
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