Zach Drogan (Cetus)
You're Never Alone When Talking to Yourself
Thu Feb 13, 2014 00:20

Zach liked plants as much as the next kid, but the thought of squeezing out any sort of fluid from these weird looking pods was not exactly a walk in the park. Not only did the smell bother him, but the plant itself looked weird, and he didn’t appreciate that. He usually tried not to judge based on physical appearance, but honestly, a plant that looks this disheveled is practically asking for weird looks. Bracing himself for the experience he was sure he wouldn’t forget, Zach grasped one of the boils and squeezed it lightly, with the bottle as close to it as possible. Unfortunately, he missed the bottle slightly, but most of the pus made it. Zach promptly made a noise that sounded like a mix between a “bleh” and a groan.

As he corked his first bottle and picked up a second one, he thought he heard someone say something to him. ”Hey there, dude.” Zach turned to see a student sitting next to him, looking down at his Bubotuber. It didn’t look like he was even addressing anyone in particular, just sort of zoned out. “Huh?” He asked softly, as he cocked his head to one side and pulling a confused expression, as he often did when confused, “Were you talking to me?” He pointed at himself. The student turned his attention toward him, ”Sorry? I was talking to the plant.”

Zach has been known to talk to himself quite often, and sometimes he does talk to inanimate objects, but mostly just his stuffed animal for a feelings jam, done when he was sure no one was looking. He also tends to sing or hum to himself when working, but he doesn’t like when people call him out on it. He hoped that he didn’t make his fellow student feel uncomfortable, so he quickly tried to diffuse the potential tension that could happen between them, “Yeah, I do that sometimes too, but mostly to…other things…” While Zach was willing to diffuse any tension that could happen, he was not about to spill his all odd little quirks to someone he didn’t even know. He rubbed the toe of his right shoe, a canvas sneaker, on the floor, hoping that either this guy would go back to talking to his plant, or talk to him.

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    • You're Never Alone When Talking to Yourself — Zach Drogan (Cetus), Thu Feb 13 00:20
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