Professor Scott Padral
Puffapods...Boy oh Boy (Years 1-3)
Thu Feb 27, 2014 16:51

Scott just loved that the school administration board had given him a chair that spun. Between classes, he typically was supposed to be grading papers or preparing for his next lesson. But no, instead Scott spent his time spinning in his chair while he snacked or listened to music. Or both.

He was such a child.

“Ah, my first years,” he said and stopped spinning as the majority of the students began to trickle into his Herbology room, “Welcome.”

Five minutes after class was scheduled to start, he flicked his wand and the chalk began writing on the board. The door closed as one last student scampered in. “Today,” Scott began, “We’re going to learn about the Puffapods.” There were a few snickers from the class and a couple of laughs. “Yes, yes, I know. But please, kids, don’t take this plant lightly.” He raised his wand and the cloths that covered the plants removed themselves. On each desk, in front of each student, was a large yellow pod with brown spots.

“Please,” Scott continued quickly when one of the students went to touch the plant, “Don’t move the pods, thank you.” The student recoiled slowly and stuck their hand in their lap. “Now, there’s a few notes I need you to take on these plants. The notes are on the board, and I’d also like you to include observations once I open the pods. I will come around and open them for you; do not try to open the pods on your own.”

As the students began copying down the notes that the chalk had written on the board, Scott walked around the room and opened the pods for each student with a simple tap on the top with his wand. He smiled as he warned each student not to touch the smaller pink beans that were inside of the pod. “Do not touch the seeds, please,” Scott told them, “If they come into contact with a solid object, they’ll instantly blossom.” He shot a glare to a few of the students who he knew would want to throw them at each other or the ground. They knew who they were.

“Be sure to make observations and call me over when you’re done to look at them. Then maybe I’ll let you guys throw a few.” He sat back in his comfy chair an spun around a few times, awaiting the first student to spill a pod or finish with the notes.

OOC: Hello all! Be sure to write a strong, 200-word piece. Please don’t spill the beans or throw them until you get Scott’s permission. Just tag him in the post and you’ll most likely get permission to throw them (just not at someone).

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