Scott Padral
Oh, Snap! (1-3 Beg.)
Sat May 17, 2014 18:24

Scott let out a deep, stressed breath as he tapped the quill in his hand on the desk. It couldn't have been good for the feather, but he was too worried to notice. The lesson he had planned for today -- well, there was none. He had about ten minutes to plan this one, and he had to think fast or else they'd be taking notes out of a textbook all class, something that neither the students nor Scott enjoyed.

He looked around the room and saw a line of plants that he had set up at the beginning of the school year last term. He liked them on the sill because they looked nice, and because they were mostly the advanced plants that he liked to show off. Self-fertilizing shrubs, Orchideous Jinx, venomous tentacula -- loads of plants. Scott stood from his chair and paced the line of plants, looking for inspiration. Herbivicus? Too tricky for first through third years. Gillyweed? It wasn't too bad, but still a little advanced and complicated for the youngins. Then, he saw it -- snapdragons. Yes, they were muggle plants, as well, very mundane when planted in fertilizer. However, if they were planted in UNICORN fertilizer? Forget about it.

Some students began to trickle into class, so he grabbed his snapdragon and set it on the front table, then ran to the back of the room where he kept just pretty-looking, muggle flowers and began taking out every mundane snapdragon he had. He set them on each desk for students as the meat of his class came in, and by the time they were all seated and ready to go, Scott was grabbing the last of the snapdragons and placing them on the desks in the back of the room. There were only enough snapdragons for there to be pairs of students today, but it was better than textbook work.

"Alright," Scott clapped and smiled awkwardly at the students. He still was not entirely used to teaching young students, but he was getting there. Scott ran a hand through his dark, curly hair and realized that he was breathing rather heavily. He had ran across the room trying to get all of the plants in place before the class began -- which he had managed to do -- and was a bit short of breath.

Wow, he needed to get into shape.

"These, these are snapdragons," Scott explained as he sat down in his spinny-chair and tried to straighten out his quill. "And they may look familiar if you are used to living in the Muggle world. They're mundane plants -- if you keep them in this regular, boring soil." He grabbed his wand and waved it over the desks, allowing new pots and unicorn-turd infused soil to appear on each desk.

"Today, we'll replant these snapdragons and see what happens. You'll find on your desk a pot filled with regular soil and snapdragons, and the other pot is filled with special, unicorn fertilizer. When you replant them -- which you will need a partner for, so do that now." He cut off his own thought when he remembered that only half the students saw these materials on their desks. While the students pushed their desks together and sat with their partners, which took longer than it should have, Scott finished straightening out his quill and waited patiently.

"Good. As I was saying, when you replant the snapdragons, they'll get a bit feisty. They're attracted to motion and will latch onto whatever comes near them, so please, do NOT put your face near them after you replant them. If you want to smell them, smell them before you replant them." Scott clapped and looked at the students. "You may begin!"

OOC: Keep in mind that the snapdragons will not suck out your character's eyes or anything of the sort and they do not hurt, so please no emergencies. If the snapdragons do latch on to your character, please either call Scott over or replant them into the original, mundane soil. Happy writing!

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    • A snippy sort of class, I seeAlphonse Dubois V (Cetus), Mon May 19 14:37
      Alphonse still wasn't entirely sure what his favourite class was, but he was at least mostly sure that Herbology wasn't it. He liked the outdoors-y element, except most plants were kind of boring,... more
      • This is going to suck (no pun intended)Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Tue May 20 11:44
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            The boy finished sliding his desk over with a slight bump, and he introduced himself. Twice. Brielle smiled at the boy, whose name she learned was Alphonse...V...Actually, Alphonse Dubois V. "Hi,... more
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