Alphonse Dubois V (Cetus)
A snippy sort of class, I see
Mon May 19, 2014 14:37

Alphonse still wasn't entirely sure what his favourite class was, but he was at least mostly sure that Herbology wasn't it. He liked the outdoors-y element, except most plants were kind of boring, and he could have done without the whole part about having to get your hands dirty - though he wasn't as bad as his younger brother Lucien about that sort of thing; the kid wouldn't touch a mud puddle with a stick, let alone gardening gloves. Which made for a totally amusing contrast when compared to their sister, who had, among other escapades, kidnapped a group of worms from the neighbourhood park and kept them in her dresser drawer as pets. Really, it was too bad they weren't better balanced.

Despite this ambivalence towards the subject, the short first-year was a Dubois and his childhood was paired with the constant expectation that one day he would be taking over the family wandmaking business, which had been established by his ancestor and namesake, Alphonse Dubois I. Most plants were still boring and dirt was still a pain to get out from under his fingernails, but he couldn't exactly grow up being shuffled around their workshop, wandering the veritable maze of different tools and diagrams, vials and woods, and not hold some respect and interest towards trees, at least. Trees were useful for him to know about, unlike other plants. Like flowers. What was the point of flowers except looking pretty?

Today's class unfortunately seemed like it would be about flowers, though, not trees. Glancing at the flowers Professor Padral was hastily setting across their desks, Alphonse sighed (belatedly realizing that it had come out louder than was polite) and picked a seat as close to the middle of the room as he could. He always preferred to sit in the middle, mostly because it was the perfect place for him to just observe and get a feel for the class without sticking out from the other students, like he would have if he sat at the very front or back or side. But also, he thought, because it reminded him of how it felt whenever he was doing his schoolwork back in Québec. He'd been homeschooled, and it had been oddly annoying-yet-comforting having the younger Dubois kids clustered noisily around him in the living room with their books... not that he had ever really recognized the 'comforting' side of it until after he had left.

"Snapdragons," he repeated to himself while listening to the professor, not bothering to take notes. He did vaguely recognize them. Maybe his grandmère had them in her garden? Maybe, maybe not. He had plenty of tree species already taking up space in his memory; flowers weren't something he paid extra attention to. Since he had sat down at a desk without a snapdragon, Alphonse glanced around at the instruction to pair off and nodded to the nearest student who did have a flowerpot on their desk. "So - me and you?" he queried in his light French accent, already half-rising and beginning to push his desk over to theirs.

  • Oh, Snap! (1-3 Beg.)Scott Padral, Sat May 17 18:24
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    • This bitesKrystal Baitman, Wed Jun 4 04:35
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    • A snippy sort of class, I see — Alphonse Dubois V (Cetus), Mon May 19 14:37
      • This is going to suck (no pun intended)Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Tue May 20 11:44
        Brielle sat in the middle-ish of the Herbology room, not necessarily looking forward to class. Herbology had never been her favorite; it was aggravating to sit in a room for a whole class period... more
        • Is its suckage worse than its bite?Alphonse, Wed May 21 12:51
          With a bump, the edge of his desk met the girl's. The dark-haired Ceti dragged over his chair as well before flopping back down into it. "Hi, Brielle," he echoed, bobbing his head. Repeating names... more
          • No bite, no worriesBrielle Hawkins, Wed May 21 17:47
            The boy finished sliding his desk over with a slight bump, and he introduced himself. Twice. Brielle smiled at the boy, whose name she learned was Alphonse...V...Actually, Alphonse Dubois V. "Hi,... more
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