Brielle Hawkins (Aquila)
This is going to suck (no pun intended)
Tue May 20, 2014 11:44 (XFF:

Brielle sat in the middle-ish of the Herbology room, not necessarily looking forward to class. Herbology had never been her favorite; it was aggravating to sit in a room for a whole class period whilst the teacher droned on about subjects for which she did not care. Brielle put her arms over her head and began to create to tiny braids from her dark auburn hair, which reached her shoulderblades. After she braided them, she wondered what they were going to learn about today. Professor Padral was running around the room with pots in his hands, and occasionally he would stop at the front and just peer out at the slowly-filling classroom.

Brielle tapped her foot against the floor rapidly as Professor Padral ran down from his teaching place and placed some sort of plant on her desk. She recognized these flowers from Larissa and Joseph's garden; Snapdragons.

The second year wasn't particularly sure why they were using a mundane plant for this lesson, but she figured she would stay silent and see how the class played out. The flowers were kind of pretty, but when she had to hold back a sneeze, she remembered why she disliked Herbology.

Stupid allergies.

Brielle crossed her arms and looked around the room for Beka, Cora, Meci... anybody she knew, actually. Her social shyness had gotten better over the summer break, however she still was not a fan of the whole "making friends" systematic of life. She spotted her three friends one at a time and smiled over to them with a short, curt wave. She then noticed that the kid sitting next to her didn't have a Snapdragon. Brielle thought about telling the Professor, but soon decided against it when he began class right on time.

As the Professor explained the lesson, Brielle realized why the kid didn't have a plant. They were to partner up. She looked across the room for Cora, but the boy next to her was already asking if she wanted to partner up. Brielle, being the shy lass she was, swallowed and nodded silently.

He slid his desk over to meet hers, and she sat up and placed her elbows on the desk in front of her. Brielle watched the Professor for further instructions, but there was nothing left to hear. So, she looked at her now-partner and said, "I'm Brielle."

The kid looked like a first year, and he was rather small from what she could tell. Then again, everyone was short compared to her since she was one of the tallest twelve year olds one could find. Brielle resumed tapping her foot, awaiting a response from the seemingly-first year.

  • A snippy sort of class, I seeAlphonse Dubois V (Cetus), Mon May 19 14:37
    Alphonse still wasn't entirely sure what his favourite class was, but he was at least mostly sure that Herbology wasn't it. He liked the outdoors-y element, except most plants were kind of boring,... more
    • This is going to suck (no pun intended) — Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Tue May 20 11:44
      • Is its suckage worse than its bite?Alphonse, Wed May 21 12:51
        With a bump, the edge of his desk met the girl's. The dark-haired Ceti dragged over his chair as well before flopping back down into it. "Hi, Brielle," he echoed, bobbing his head. Repeating names... more
        • No bite, no worriesBrielle Hawkins, Wed May 21 17:47
          The boy finished sliding his desk over with a slight bump, and he introduced himself. Twice. Brielle smiled at the boy, whose name she learned was Alphonse...V...Actually, Alphonse Dubois V. "Hi,... more
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