Is its suckage worse than its bite?
Wed May 21, 2014 12:51

With a bump, the edge of his desk met the girl's. The dark-haired Ceti dragged over his chair as well before flopping back down into it. "Hi, Brielle," he echoed, bobbing his head. Repeating names during introductions was important for him to do or else they were nigh impossible to remember afterwards. He had discovered pretty early into his first Orientation week that it was a little overwhelming to be faced with all the new names of all the new people here. There'd never been much cause for him to meet new people before; aside from fresh customers dropping by at the shop, their neighbourhood back home stayed fairly stable, this small magical community in an otherwise Muggle-dominated town, where the other kids had grown up together with him since practically infancy and the other adults he'd long been on a first-name basis with instead of the usual Misters-and-Misses.

"I'm Alphonse... V." Since Brielle hadn't given her last name, he didn't think it was entirely proper for him to be returning with a formal introduction (not only would it be strange, but it did sound a bit pretentious). However, it felt too weird to leave off at only his first name. Because his name wasn't just Alphonse, even if that was what everyone called him; it was Alphonse V. He hadn't been planning on adding it on here, but the numeral slipped out anyways, and he couldn't deny the vaguely comforting way it rang in his own ears. "Er, Alphonse Dubois V, I meant. But you should just call me Alphonse, of course. It's... a bit too long otherwise..." And now he was just sounding awkward. Brilliant. 'Why does that keep happening? I'm not actually awkward! Am I?'

Cheeks reddening a bit at the thought, he decided it was high time to change the topic and looked over at the flowerpot again. "So do you know anything about snapdragons?" he asked Brielle. She looked older than him, so maybe she'd worked with the flowers in another Herbology class before. "I dunno how good I am at repotting, but I'll try my best. As long as we don't get bitten or whatever-" the professor hadn't said specifically if the flowers would start biting, just that they would 'latch on', and Alphonse had to admit he was holding out some hope that this 'latching' would come in the form of being snagged by their spindly finger-like vines rather than getting chomped down on by the mouth-like flowers themselves, "-well, I guess that'll be a success." He offered her a slightly hesitant smile and ducked down to grab a pair of gloves from his schoolbag.

  • This is going to suck (no pun intended)Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Tue May 20 11:44
    Brielle sat in the middle-ish of the Herbology room, not necessarily looking forward to class. Herbology had never been her favorite; it was aggravating to sit in a room for a whole class period... more
    • Is its suckage worse than its bite? — Alphonse, Wed May 21 12:51
      • No bite, no worriesBrielle Hawkins, Wed May 21 17:47
        The boy finished sliding his desk over with a slight bump, and he introduced himself. Twice. Brielle smiled at the boy, whose name she learned was Alphonse...V...Actually, Alphonse Dubois V. "Hi,... more
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