Brielle Hawkins
No bite, no worries
Wed May 21, 2014 17:47

The boy finished sliding his desk over with a slight bump, and he introduced himself. Twice. Brielle smiled at the boy, whose name she learned was Alphonse...V...Actually, Alphonse Dubois V.

"Hi, Just Alphonse," she joked before he asked about snapdragons. He seemed a little fidgety, but she didn't mind it since she herself was the same way -- she wasn't the best around new people. Brielle wasn't sure why he seemed anxious because she thought of herself as a pretty approachable person, but soon shook any questions from her head when she remembered that everybody had their own reasons. Hers was that she was a foster child, so she'd never fit in correctly during all of her shifts and moves around the country of Ireland.

Brielle smiled at the kid and nodded in response to his question, and she was about to reply when he continued on to say he hoped he wouldn't be bitten.

"Well, it's not as much a bite as a latch, like the professor said," Brielle explained. She knew quite a lot about snapdragons, to be honest -- Larissa had them planted in both the front and back garden of the Madrack house. The front garden contained the mundane version while the back had these very same plants in the very same soil.

Brielle kept explaining as Alphonse leaned down to his backpack, "When you plant them in the unicorn fertilizer, they'll come to life, almost, and they won't latch on unless you really provoke them by putting your finger right in front of them. And even if it latches on, it's harmless. All we have to do to make it let go is replant it in the regular fertilizer." Brielle tied her long hair back into a quick braid. "It's nothing to be nervous about, there's no harm to be done."

It felt weird to know a lot about plants. They were such an odd thing to know about, because they really weren't that interesting. "My foster mum plants them in her garden," Brielle explained quickly, feeling the need to justify her knowledge. She watched as Alphonse pulled his gloves from his schoolbag and let out a little laugh. She didn't see the use for gloves; your bare hands were easier to use and had better control, and besides, you could just wash them afterwards.

  • Is its suckage worse than its bite?Alphonse, Wed May 21 12:51
    With a bump, the edge of his desk met the girl's. The dark-haired Ceti dragged over his chair as well before flopping back down into it. "Hi, Brielle," he echoed, bobbing his head. Repeating names... more
    • No bite, no worries — Brielle Hawkins, Wed May 21 17:47
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