Krystal Baitman
This bites
Wed Jun 4, 2014 04:35

Krystal didn't really get Herbology. That put it in line with the majority of her classes, both Muggle and Magical. She had never understood what maths was for, she still didn't get what Miss Blair was even talking about most of the time she spent in Cultural Studies and she really didn't see the point in looking after plants. She didn't give a toss about them, and – in this class – half of them exploded puss into your face or other equally unpleasant things. Who wanted to deal with that, and why was it supposed to be a useful thing to learn? Unless you wanted to be a gardener and then surely you would just.... go to gardening school, or whatever.

“It smells like poo in here,” she observed to no one in particular and using a slightly less decorous term for 'poo' as she walked into the Herbology classroom, more or less on time.

She slouched down in one of the plantless seats, hoping that would help get her out of dealing with whatever they were supposed to be doing that day. It seemed pretty unlikely, although the majority of the time, the fact that a task was assigned to her had little bearing on her actually doing it. Sure enough, as the class got going they were instructed to partner up. Krystal dragged her desk over to the join the nearest person, with the maximum amount of faffing and time wasting possible, and little concern over the amount of noise as the feet of the table scraped over the floor.

“I ain't getting my nails dirty,” she informed her partner as soon as they were set to work, sitting back and waiting for them to deal with the dragon plant or whatever it was called.

  • Oh, Snap! (1-3 Beg.)Scott Padral, Sat May 17 18:24
    Scott let out a deep, stressed breath as he tapped the quill in his hand on the desk. It couldn't have been good for the feather, but he was too worried to notice. The lesson he had planned for today ... more
    • This bites — Krystal Baitman, Wed Jun 4 04:35
      • I hope you don't bite backJack O'Neill (Lyra), Mon Jun 9 15:43
        John O’Neill was an enthusiastic gardener. In the O’Neill family’s little garden there sat a magically enlarged greenhouse filled with life of vast varieties. Therefore John’s eldest grandson was no... more
    • A snippy sort of class, I seeAlphonse Dubois V (Cetus), Mon May 19 14:37
      Alphonse still wasn't entirely sure what his favourite class was, but he was at least mostly sure that Herbology wasn't it. He liked the outdoors-y element, except most plants were kind of boring,... more
      • This is going to suck (no pun intended)Brielle Hawkins (Aquila), Tue May 20 11:44
        Brielle sat in the middle-ish of the Herbology room, not necessarily looking forward to class. Herbology had never been her favorite; it was aggravating to sit in a room for a whole class period... more
        • Is its suckage worse than its bite?Alphonse, Wed May 21 12:51
          With a bump, the edge of his desk met the girl's. The dark-haired Ceti dragged over his chair as well before flopping back down into it. "Hi, Brielle," he echoed, bobbing his head. Repeating names... more
          • No bite, no worriesBrielle Hawkins, Wed May 21 17:47
            The boy finished sliding his desk over with a slight bump, and he introduced himself. Twice. Brielle smiled at the boy, whose name she learned was Alphonse...V...Actually, Alphonse Dubois V. "Hi,... more
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