Jack O'Neill (Lyra)
I hope you don't bite back
Mon Jun 9, 2014 15:43

John O’Neill was an enthusiastic gardener. In the O’Neill family’s little garden there sat a magically enlarged greenhouse filled with life of vast varieties. Therefore John’s eldest grandson was no stranger to plant life. From an early age, Jack’s granda had encouraged him to have a relationship with nature and he had made his hopes that, Jack, would pursue a career down the route of Herbology quite clear.

Now, Jack could not honestly claim to dislike Herbology, naturally it was one of his better subjects, even if he did fail to hand in the homework from time to time. However, there was something about being pushed in a certain direction that made you want to do the total opposite. Not that he shared his dreams with his granda, but Jack was determined to either become a professional Quidditch player or die trying. Perhaps death was a little dramatic for a second option, so he’d just go with his less masculine hobby for a plan B- cooking.

Despite his secret desire to be just about anything but a Herbologist, the Lyra arrived to class whistling an old folk tune and in relatively good spirits. “Alright, there?” he called out to those he passed without really searching for an answer. He had a pair of sunglasses perched on top of his head, not yet ready to let go of the idea that in America the eyewear made you instantly cool.

Eventually his feet found a desk and he sat down, slumping forward in his seat, a look of concentration emerging on his face. The brown-eyed boy watched the Professor with vague interest, recognising the snapdragons almost immediately. The task didn’t sound too difficult and he glanced down at the plant in front of him with disappointment. The Irish lad wanted to do something that would get his blood pumping, was there not some sort of tarantula plant he could battle?

Before he could inquire about this, he heard the scraping of moving desks and glanced over to see a girl had joined him. That was cool. Jack didn’t mind girls so much, he had plenty of sisters himself. They would get along fine just so long as she wasn’t a real girlie girl. He was just shoving on his gloves when she said in greeting, “I ain’t getting my nails dirty.” Jack raised one dark eyebrow. He couldn’t help himself. Jack laughed.

“Merlin, you’re such a girl,” he said without malice.

He grinned widely, showing off all his gleaming teeth. Then though he knew she wouldn’t appreciate it, Jack stuck his hand into plant pot and pulled out a fistful of dirt. Without a second thought he flicked the soil at her nose.

  • This bitesKrystal Baitman, Wed Jun 4 04:35
    Krystal didn't really get Herbology. That put it in line with the majority of her classes, both Muggle and Magical. She had never understood what maths was for, she still didn't get what Miss Blair... more
    • I hope you don't bite back — Jack O'Neill (Lyra), Mon Jun 9 15:43
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