Professor Scott Padral
I promise this isn't Charms class (4-5 Years)
Fri Jun 13, 2014 07:38

"Right, then," Scott told a student at the end of his precious class, "So you'll stay after classes are over completely to make up your assignment? Good. I'm afraid I don't have a pass, so if you get to your next class late, tell your professor I held you up." The student went to leave as students from his next class began to enter the Herbology classroom. Scott took a breath, as this level was more fun to teach than any of the others because most of the sixth and seventh years simply didn't care about Herbology and just wanted class to be over, whereas the fourth and fifth years didn't have that "Elder-idis" (as Scott referred to it) yet. The beginners (first to third years), on the other hand, were not ready for any of the fun stuff yet, so Scott couldn't have the fun stuff in class yet.

Despite the fact that he didn't think any of his fourth or fifth year students particularly shared his love for plants, he still enjoyed teaching the intermediate course.

With a flick of the wand, Scott brought two plants to the front of his little teaching stage. He stood between them and ran a hand through his curly hair, and then crossed his arms as the last of his students filed into their seats.

"Hello," he smiled, "Today, we aren't going to be learning about plants." Scott paused, waiting for a response, which he essentially didn't get, and if he did get one, it was a smile or a yes. "Wow, don't be too upset about that," he remarked sarcastically, "We will be learning something, though.

"Today, we're going to learn the Herbivicus Charm. Does anyone know what that is?" He sighed as he received more blank expressions. If someone was raising their hand, he didn't see them. "Alright, well... The Herbivicus Charm allows you to increase the growth rate of plants to a very fast rate. Plants will grow, flowers will's quite the spell, actually. Watch."

Scott backed up and flicked his wrist at the chalkboard nonchalantly, which began to write notes on the board for the students to copy down. He then turned to the two pots of soil that had little sprouts growing from them. He pointed his wand at the first and casted, "Herbivicus." A twisting jet of green light shot from Scott's wand, which connected two crackling balls of green energy; there was one on the tip of the wand, and the other on the little sprout coming from the pot. The little sprout quickly grew from a sprout into a small tree. It was a ficus, one of Scott's favorite trees.

He then moved to the next plant and performed the same spell. Again, the green balls were crackling and linked by that green, twisting stream of light. The small snapdragon flower began to grow from the pot, and when it was in full bloom, Scott ended the spell. He smiled at the class as he waved his wand, and one pot flew from the front of the classroom to each of the students' desks.

"Now, you try," Scott told them, waiting to discover what was in each pot.

OOC: Welcome to herbo, 4th and 5th years! Hopefully you like this lesson. Please, no casting it at each other and making the other person age or grow substantially, although funny it is kind of frowned upon at RMI. Also, Scott planted each little sprout for the students earlier, and they are not plants where, once you cast the spell, they begin to chomp at the student and things. They are all harmless, though they can be either magic or mundane, pick your (hypothetical) poison. Have fun! I hope to see some good, 200+ word posts!

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