Scott Padral
Caution: Bush Causes Heat Burns (Years I-III)
Tue Sep 2, 2014 21:45

Damn it, Scott thought to himself as he casted a water spell at the Fire Seed Bush he had recently planted in the Herbology room. Not his smartest plan, by far. He sighed and plopped down in his seat, pulling at his hair as the first of his beginners began to trickle in. Scott had been under a ton of stress lately; grading papers, finding a "mate" (as his mother called it), grieving the death of his childhood pet (his mother had given him plenty of news last time she had written him), and things of the sort. Mostly, the stress stemmed from his mother. Despite the fact that he was 28, Scott found that his mother liked to play a heavy hand in his life and his business, despite his efforts to keep her happy with the life he's made for himself.

The bell rang, which snapped Scott out of his thoughts of his mother and into a classroom filled with young students, staring eagerly up at him.

"Greetings," Scott mumbled with a sigh, and he stood up from his desk, waving his wand towards the blackboard. Chalk began to write today's lesson on the board. "Please, copy down the notes on the board, and I'll demonstrate the plant."

The notes on the board included the following:

Fire Seed Bush:
~No leaves, yet takes the form of a tree and is still called a "bush"
~Produces fire seeds, used in some potions
~Must be on fire to live
~Use a water spell to kill the plant and collect seeds, then use a freezing spell before using the seeds in potions

As the students copied down notes, Scott set the Fire Seed Bush on fire, earning stares and "ooh"s and "ahh"s from the majority of his students. Though usually he took pleasure in dazzling his students, today Scott didn't find it as nice as he usually did.

"This," he told the beginners, "is the Fire Seed Bush. After you're done your notes, you can come up and freeze it, but just don't get burnt. Please don't burn yourself; that wouldn't be good for anyone."

A/N: Hello beginners! Sorry for the short class today, I have been swamped, as school just started up for me in real life and my courses are pretty vigorous. Please construct a solid 200 word (or more) response, and have fun with it! Please no burning to a crisp of your character; I don't know how well that would bode for anyone. :)

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