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Front Zippers
Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:13

Hi all, just got back from a trip to Germany, and I saw a very interesting yellow vinyl raincoat. The coat was about knee length shiny yellow and the zipper went all the way from the bottom to the top of the hood. The woman wearing it had it zippered up to the neck where it seemed to get pretty snug, and the zippers continued up the sides of the hood and came together at the top.

I guess you could probably force the hood around your head and zip it closed over your face; but I doubt that was the designers intent. It did make me think of a number of 'kinky' things you could do with the raincoat anyway... :)

That made me think about front zippered straitjackets. I have seen some on line but never worn one (believe it or not!), and I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with them. To me it has always been a thrill to have my hands bound in bondage mitts or bondage sleeves so that I can't use my hands and have John dress me in some leather or rubber outfit or coat, especially when he is standing in front of me and I can watch him as he buckled, zips and belts me closed. I think the act of placing someone in a real straitjacket while facing the person must be a real turn-on!

I would love to hear from anyone who has experience or has seen with either of these (the raincoat or straitjacket), and would love to talk about it. It's just one more chance to get some interest in this forum.


    • Front ZipperHarryTasker, Sat May 1 12:38
      Hiya Jennifer, I cannot say much (if anything) about a raincoat. Not my kind of play. As for sj's...well...most I know do have a back closure. Many feature straps. Some also have a zipper like the... more
      • Re: Front Zippermackmichael2000, Fri Oct 8 08:22
        Hi Harry; I like the idea of your Maxcita front zip straitjacket, but can't find any reference to it anywhere ion his site of on the web. Just the idea of your partner having to stand in front of you ... more
        • MaxCita SJHarryTasker, Fri Oct 8 12:03
          ...I didn't find it. I thought it would be a nice idea...and thus ordered one. That's the good thing about Max (www.maxcita.com) and alike...if you can describe what you want normally they can make... more
      • Re: Front ZipperLeather Joan, Tue Oct 5 09:04
        I just noticed this posting, and I luv the sound of that raincoat! I think if someone put it on me backwards and closed it all the way it would be like your solo straitjacket. I have always wanted to ... more
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