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Re: how to experience it
Sat Oct 9, 2010 19:04

I'm afraid, LJ, that there is no 'safe' way to have the kind of fun you are looking for alone. And, it's not necessarily an S&M relationship you need; many if not most, of the people who find erotic bondage fun do so in the same relationships that you, your friends, parents and co-workers have anyway.

If you wish to write me in private you can; but be aware this is not something that can be accomplished easily.


  • how to experience itLeather Joan, Fri Oct 8 17:08
    I have always wanted to be forced into a straitjacket, but not the kind you see on ebay. I would love to try a soft lambskin style, something I could just struggle & squeak in all night. As you can... more
    • SM RelationshipHarryTasker, Sun Oct 10 01:44
      "I guess what I want to know is how can someone experience this without having to get in a s&m relationship?" Well...depends on the definition of a S&M relationship. Personally I think that if... more
    • Re: how to experience it — Jennifer, Sat Oct 9 19:04
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