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SM Relationship
Sun Oct 10, 2010 01:44

"I guess what I want to know is how can someone experience this without having to get in a s&m relationship?"

Well...depends on the definition of a S&M relationship.
Personally I think that if someone 'just' straps you in a sj and keeps you in it over night that is a S&M relationship.
It is of course possible to define it otherwise...like...S&M relationship is when someone straps you in a sj (or does similiar things) AND you are getting intimate.

Personally I believe that both can be separated. But can occur at the same time.

Some friends of mine are having the problem that they would like to try something (like a sj) but currently do not have a partner. As friends do I do offer my help in strapping them in. There is no intimacy involved though. Not with male friends anyway. And with female friends...that is a matter of discussion. You know...if it is allowed / expected...and to what degree.

Beeing in a sj...maybe beeing hobbled on top of that...maybe wearing a leather hood or something like that in my opinion does require a good degree of trust. Which I would have with friends, people I know for a long time or with a pro (Pro domme that would be). Beeing strapped in a sj by a stranger...uhm...nope. I would not like that and I would not recommend that.

If you are looking for someone to help you because you can't close the last buckle yourself then I would suggest you start by finding someone you can trust. In Germany I would suggest checking out the http://www.sklavenzentrale.com. You need to be aware that beeing in the SZ is not a guarantee for beeing a trustworthy person. But checking out the Locations, finding a 'SM Stammtisch' (not exactly sure about the translation...somewhere between SM regulars'table and SM munch), visiting that and finding someone there is a good idea.

And yes...generally I would be able to help with the last buckle.

  • how to experience itLeather Joan, Fri Oct 8 17:08
    I have always wanted to be forced into a straitjacket, but not the kind you see on ebay. I would love to try a soft lambskin style, something I could just struggle & squeak in all night. As you can... more
    • SM Relationship — HarryTasker, Sun Oct 10 01:44
    • Re: how to experience itJennifer, Sat Oct 9 19:04
      I'm afraid, LJ, that there is no 'safe' way to have the kind of fun you are looking for alone. And, it's not necessarily an S&M relationship you need; many if not most, of the people who find erotic... more
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