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A question of design
Sun Oct 17, 2010 23:44

Although we own several dozen straitjackets, all styles, all leather, latex or rubber, I have never seen one made with a built in, high, strapped and buckled collar. I do have something similar mad by that made by Paul C back when we lived in Chicago, but the leather has gotten soft and quite worn over the years and just doesn't give the same feeling anymore.

Has anyone seen any manufacturers who offer this feature? Everything I have seen is pretty poorly designed, almost as though the designer has never spent time in one.

Any help appreciated;
All the best,

    • Re: A question of designAnonymous, Mon Oct 18 09:39
      Paul C allways does a great job with leather. Rader
      • Paul CHarryTasker, Tue Oct 19 02:02
        ...doesn't have a website, does he ? Found one at http://www.paulcleather.com and read on a different link that http://www.paulcleather.com is NOT Paul C but someone who is just using the 'good... more
        • Paul C.Anonymous, Wed Oct 20 09:53
          I thought you could contact him through one of the fetish stores in Chicago, I do not remember witch one.It has been a long time ago. Rader
        • Re: Paul CJennifer, Tue Oct 19 07:47
          He used to have a nice website; I don't think this has anything to do with him. It used to show his straitjackets, bodybags, etc. I mat be wrong, but don't think so. Jen
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