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Sleeping in a jacket
Thu Jul 7, 2011 06:53

I have a posey jacket and love to sleep strapped in it. Just do not have anyone to put me in it often enough :)

  • I agree!Jennifer, Tue Jul 5 04:11
    Have to agree with you; although for me it has to be fine garment quality, smooth & squeaky leather. The feeling is unbelievable! While I've never been a fan of the posey (or humane); they have a... more
    • posey jacketbadboy, Tue Dec 13 13:32
      where about are you from jennifer united kingdom? south north midlands west east?? or a different coutry
      • Christmas presentRader, Thu Dec 15 14:01
        I can not wait for Christmas; My wife gives me a present of putting on my jacket, with gag and hood for the whole day. This time she said she would put me into a hobble skirt also. Wish Christmas... more
    • Sleeping in a jacket — NikkiMarie, Thu Jul 7 06:53
      • straitjacketiceblue, Sun Nov 20 04:09
        You say you don't get strapped in often.enough?...I would have thought there would be a long queue of willing volunteers
      • Re: Sleeping in a jacketAnonymous, Fri Jul 8 09:44
        NikkiMarie Let me know and I'll put you in your posey as often as you would like and I would like.
        • Sleeping in a Strait JacketNikkiMarie, Tue Jul 12 06:37
          Let's do it !!!! I'm willing and available.
        • Strait Jacket wearingNikkiMarie, Fri Jul 8 16:43
          Sure how and where do I get a hold of you so you can put me in it ? I'm in Southern, Maine
      • Posey strait jacketchristmas01, Fri Jul 8 03:16
        nikki id be more than happy to put you in your strait jacket more often :) :)
    • Re: I agree!Rader, Wed Jul 6 12:58
      Yes: I agree also, as I have a Posey also. Nothing like a posey, and a Hood for a good nights rest. Rader
      • Wearing a Hood with Strait JacketNikkiMarie, Fri Jul 8 16:46
        YES< YES< YES I have 2 Sensory Deprivation Helmets.
        • Re: Wearing a Hood with Strait JacketJennifer, Sun Jul 10 16:32
          I agree Nikki; love hoods with bondage, and as I have posted elsewhere; love fully hooded rubber, leather and latex straitjackets! There is nothing like it!
          • putting me in my jacketNikkiMarie, Mon Jul 11 06:26
            I'd love to have any of you put me in my jacket - just info me @nicolleNevers@aol.com with contact details :)
          • Re: Wearing a Hood with Strait JacketRader, Mon Jul 11 04:28
            If you need help with a strap in, I will be happy to help.
            • Help with a strap-inNikkiMarie, Tue Jul 12 06:27
              That would be great - you can contact me at nicolleNevers@aol.com for the arrangements :)
        • Hoodswalkinboss64@hotmail.com, Sat Jul 9 17:55
          I'll put you in one of those as well as the Posey, NikkiMarie
          • Put in hacket and hoodNikkiMarie, Tue Jul 12 06:31
            What are you waiting for - I'm up for it so contact me please :)
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