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Sat Jul 16, 2011 16:36

Well, as I said, we own more than a few hooded straitjackets, and they are a little different from the inflatables Harry shows. I have actually been in an inflatable similar to the red jacket/suit, over a separate latex straitjacket. The pressure of the inflated rubber is quite intense, and your partner can produce pretty good results using breath control and a vibrator through the latex (not big on e-stim).
I have 5 hooded jackets, 3 latex, 1 leather, and one in SBR or raincoat rubber; my self-straitjacket mentioned in earlier posts. The most intense is one that John had made for me,and it's design is based on an old Sealwear latex straitjacket he has had for years. His has nose holes only, attached shorts (surprisingly, a reinforced crotch with no access :(), back zip down from back oh his head to small of the back,and double d-rings at the end of fist mitts.
The differences on mine are a breathe thru gag with attached 6 liter re breathing bladder (the only opening on the hood), wrist straps, collar straps, and the zipper goes down from the back of my head through the crotch and up high enough for access. It is very intense and can be dangerous; especially as I get more excited, because my breathing becomes fast and shallow, and its difficult to judge how much time (air) I have left. The double d-rings allow for any number of bondage positions, and what really turns me on is that as I feel the zipper being pulled down I start to 'panic', because I realize I am being made completely vulnerable, and escape is impossible. I think that the whole concept of the attached hood speaks to that panic.
I'll post more later, this is just the start... would love to here more personal stories and comments!

  • hooded jacketsJennifer, Mon Jul 11 14:16
    Since there seems to be interest; how many of you have actually worn a hooded straitjacket? As I have said, I own several, as does my husband; and we enjoy them immensely! If there's any interest... more
    • Hooded Jacket ExperiencesNikkiMarie, Sun Jul 17 07:11
      I'm still waiting to hear about your experiences Jennifer, either privately or posted here.
      • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJennifer, Mon Jul 18 18:49
        I'll post it here... First of all, John knows and respects my limits as I do his, we are in love after all! When we play serious sexual bondage games, we like to introduce a little mind play or... more
        • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesMacMichael2000, Tue Jul 19 22:59
          That's a great and terrifying saga - but how did you manage to pass out and not die? Also; what if you had? If you two are in love how would he ever forgive himself.? As I said, great saga, just not... more
          • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJen, Wed Jul 20 01:15
            I sense a note or two of doubt, how disappointing. Well, lets see; as a trained medical professional (dual PhD) I understand risks better than most; and we have been playing sexual bondage and breath ... more
            • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesAnonymouse, Wed Jul 20 15:41
              I jerk off in a couple of rubber slickers all the time, but I control my own air.... you guys are sicka...s!
              • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJennifer, Sun Jul 24 23:34
                Sorry to hear you don't approve of our lifestyle, yours seems rather lonely, doesn't it? At least we are getting some feedback here! Jennifer
                • LuifestileRader, Mon Jul 25 13:37
                  I think you have a great relation with your SO. How you play is your concern, and nobody else. It is grea that you shared the experiences with the rest of us. It is nice to here different Ideas. Rader
                  • Re: LuifestileJennifer, Fri Aug 5 18:19
                    Rader; Thanks for your support; apparently I freaked out the more unfreakoutables on the web! Jennifer
    • Re: hooded jackets — Jennifer, Sat Jul 16 16:36
    • hooded jacketHarryTasker, Sat Jul 16 04:38
      ....none worn for now. None that features a sewn on hood anyway. But it's nice to combine a jacket and a seperate hood. Have to say that the idea of a one-piece sounds fine to me. Truth to be told it ... more
    • hooded jacketsleathered, Wed Jul 13 15:25
      I would also be interested in hearing any experiences you have had playing with them.
    • Hooded jacketsleathered, Wed Jul 13 15:23
      I own several straitjackets, leather, rubber and canvas as well as a number of latex and leather hoods. The leather jackets and hoods are my favorites however. None of my straitjackets have an... more
    • Hooded StraitjacketNikkiMarie, Tue Jul 12 06:34
      My Hood is seperate from the jacket but would love a jacket that had a hood. Please do tell us about your experiences with them. I'm waiting with baited breath :)
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