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Mon Jul 18, 2011 18:49

I'll post it here... First of all, John knows and respects my limits as I do his, we are in love after all!
When we play serious sexual bondage games, we like to introduce a little mind play or 'head' work. I don't mean kidnapping scenarios or public bondage, but the stuff intended to rock our world for a weekend or two.
I want the bound partner, the submissive, to be the one who is really in charge. We started out by helping each other into our matching Sealwear suits (back zip, pinhole eyes, nose, and round open mouth). Next, he put a pair of thigh high latex spiked heel boots on me, and I put his Weather or not black SBR trench coat on him backwards. It takes a while, but it's worth it. Then I take a set of pin and padlock locking rubber straps (I think he had them made by Rob's or Fetter's), and thread them through the loops on the collar, wrists, and waist from the back and lock them with tiny brass matching padlocks. Then I take both key's, one in each hand and John put the hooded rubber straitjacket (above) on me.
After I was fully secured, he strapped me to the bench in the playroom, lying on my back with my legs wrapped around the bench, crossed my legs beneath it and secured them with several straps around the crossed ankles and calves, and one around the bench securing my neck. Then the fun starts; vibrators, modified vibrating sanders, etc. He's actually quite skilled, and I love the struggling. Then he attaches the rebreathing bag, and I slowly struggle into ecstacy. Well, on one occasion, the small spring steal valve at the bottom of the bag was accidentally flipped closed. As I said, in my case, the closer I get to climax, the faster and shallower my breathing gets. I also loves gags, but am rather quiet without one anyway. So as John was moving the wand over my pussy, thinking he was slowly controlling my respiration, I was struggling in vain to breath! This time I did actually pass out, which was the only way he was able to realize what had happened and snap off the rubber bladder. It's the only time I wasn't rewarded with a mind blowing orgasm, and actually did come close to becoming a statistic. The panic was real, the struggling almost completely reduced to squirming didn't tell John what was happening, and we were both extremely lucky (especially him...).
Then the fun started... vibrators,

  • Hooded Jacket ExperiencesNikkiMarie, Sun Jul 17 07:11
    I'm still waiting to hear about your experiences Jennifer, either privately or posted here.
    • Re: Hooded Jacket Experiences — Jennifer, Mon Jul 18 18:49
      • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesMacMichael2000, Tue Jul 19 22:59
        That's a great and terrifying saga - but how did you manage to pass out and not die? Also; what if you had? If you two are in love how would he ever forgive himself.? As I said, great saga, just not... more
        • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJen, Wed Jul 20 01:15
          I sense a note or two of doubt, how disappointing. Well, lets see; as a trained medical professional (dual PhD) I understand risks better than most; and we have been playing sexual bondage and breath ... more
          • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesAnonymouse, Wed Jul 20 15:41
            I jerk off in a couple of rubber slickers all the time, but I control my own air.... you guys are sicka...s!
            • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJennifer, Sun Jul 24 23:34
              Sorry to hear you don't approve of our lifestyle, yours seems rather lonely, doesn't it? At least we are getting some feedback here! Jennifer
              • LuifestileRader, Mon Jul 25 13:37
                I think you have a great relation with your SO. How you play is your concern, and nobody else. It is grea that you shared the experiences with the rest of us. It is nice to here different Ideas. Rader
                • Re: LuifestileJennifer, Fri Aug 5 18:19
                  Rader; Thanks for your support; apparently I freaked out the more unfreakoutables on the web! Jennifer
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