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Wed Jul 20, 2011 01:15

I sense a note or two of doubt, how disappointing. Well, lets see; as a trained medical professional (dual PhD) I understand risks better than most; and we have been playing sexual bondage and breath control games for years. So one, Mr Anonymous; I have training. We always keep an air pack, called O2Bottle in Europe; that allows one partner to administer up to 7 minutes of pressured O2. That has been medically proven to be sufficient when no physical trauma causing blood loss has occurred. It has revived us both quite effectively over the years. The down side is the damn thing costs hundreds to have refilled!
Your last question about what John would do is both honest and interesting.
Long ago, 12 years? we decided we had to confront the option that one of us might die at the others hands via an unplanned action. This is very hard to write. It took me two days drafting my last response, because I was too turned on; now I'm too scared.
WE agreed that no one would understand discovering one rubber encased man crying over the body of his female victim dressed in even more rubber. It would be more unbelievable if I was discovered holding his bound and suffocated body while dressed in layers of latex and leather filled with rather incriminating body fluids.

I need to pause; I need a glass of wine.

SO, we agreed to take an oath. Since any of the actions that might lead to death involved heavy rubber and leather clothing, straitjackets, hoods, body-bags, etc.; we should have a plan. We decided it would be a lot better for both of us to perish at the same time. The tabloids I could see; The Mail = "Gay rubberman dies locked in his raincoat, victim was straitjacketed and found with a smile on her face and a wet pussy". It's disgusting and reprehensible by anyone's standards.
Our agreement was that we would have a pair of police handcuffs and police leg cuffs hanging in the closet in the play room, We discarded the keys in the Rhine the evening we brought them home. We also purchased a custom hood I had made by Cocoon. It was a heavy weight latex bag hood, no openings at all, stretch over the head, single pull double d-ring collar. Quick to seal your head, very little time. We agreed that if the worst ever happened, the surviving partner would cuff their ankles together near the others body, preferably together, and then put the wrist cuff on their left wrist (we are both left handed); pull the hood over their head, secure the neck strap with three snappy tugs, and cuff their right wrist behind their back. Within a minute, loss of consciousness, heart seizure 6 - 8 minutes. No doubt panic stricken and erotic death; but we agreed it would be the only way. We know how few even can understand our life passion.
There might not be a lot of common sense for you, but it has helped us enjoy this ecstasy for many many years.
Thank you and please let us know what you think. Personally; it's still a scary option we challenge too often,

  • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesMacMichael2000, Tue Jul 19 22:59
    That's a great and terrifying saga - but how did you manage to pass out and not die? Also; what if you had? If you two are in love how would he ever forgive himself.? As I said, great saga, just not... more
    • Re: Hooded Jacket Experiences — Jen, Wed Jul 20 01:15
      • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesAnonymouse, Wed Jul 20 15:41
        I jerk off in a couple of rubber slickers all the time, but I control my own air.... you guys are sicka...s!
        • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJennifer, Sun Jul 24 23:34
          Sorry to hear you don't approve of our lifestyle, yours seems rather lonely, doesn't it? At least we are getting some feedback here! Jennifer
          • LuifestileRader, Mon Jul 25 13:37
            I think you have a great relation with your SO. How you play is your concern, and nobody else. It is grea that you shared the experiences with the rest of us. It is nice to here different Ideas. Rader
            • Re: LuifestileJennifer, Fri Aug 5 18:19
              Rader; Thanks for your support; apparently I freaked out the more unfreakoutables on the web! Jennifer
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