Re: Hooded Jacket Experiences
Wed Jul 20, 2011 15:41

I jerk off in a couple of rubber slickers all the time, but I control my own air.... you guys are sicka...s!

  • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJen, Wed Jul 20 01:15
    I sense a note or two of doubt, how disappointing. Well, lets see; as a trained medical professional (dual PhD) I understand risks better than most; and we have been playing sexual bondage and breath ... more
    • Re: Hooded Jacket Experiences — Anonymouse, Wed Jul 20 15:41
      • Re: Hooded Jacket ExperiencesJennifer, Sun Jul 24 23:34
        Sorry to hear you don't approve of our lifestyle, yours seems rather lonely, doesn't it? At least we are getting some feedback here! Jennifer
        • LuifestileRader, Mon Jul 25 13:37
          I think you have a great relation with your SO. How you play is your concern, and nobody else. It is grea that you shared the experiences with the rest of us. It is nice to here different Ideas. Rader
          • Re: LuifestileJennifer, Fri Aug 5 18:19
            Rader; Thanks for your support; apparently I freaked out the more unfreakoutables on the web! Jennifer
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