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Re: Too far....?
Sun Nov 20, 2011 17:34

Very interesting reply, Harry. And yes, we have discussed all your position ourselves. We are fortunate in some respects that neither of us have any living relatives, other than my sister, and we have discussed the options with her.
I don't want you to feel the obligation to get too personal on this or any other forum; but we are so deeply in love that we really don't want to live without the other. I sort of hope you understand that.
We have a will that leaves everything to Kara with instructions for it's use.
As far as cleaning up the mess, and police involvement, I never even considered that someone may have done this before... but it sort of gives me comfort that we wouldn't be the first. Kara is so knowledgeable of our lifestyle that she would have no regrets.
Thank you so much for your comments, it has lead to the kind of intelligent discussion I always wanted on this forum.
In closing, I imagine that the gas-mask option is better than the others; yet I still hope we die in each others arms.
I know there are a lot of unanswered questions (even I have some), so keep this dialogue alive!

  • Too far....?HarryTasker, Sun Nov 20 06:29
    Hiya Jennifer, if you have gone too far...? Can't tell. I can only offer my five cents. If and when you'd do as you has written then personally I would be tempted to call you a coward (sort of) and... more
    • Re: Too far....?Jennifer, Wed Nov 30 20:29
      Harry; I have always respected your presence hear in the forum, and I regard your views with great respect. Maybe I did make out my (our) fear of exposure as being the primary reason for our... more
      • Not wanting to be withoutHarryTasker, Sat Dec 3 09:08
        Hello Jennifer, what you do is of course absolutely your decision. I'm just offering my thoughts. If one of you chooses to kill himself when the otherone dies...well...I doubt I would...I do not... more
      • Re: Too far....?Jennifer, Wed Nov 30 20:30
        PS... Happy Holiday!!!
    • Re: Too far....? — Jennifer, Sun Nov 20 17:34
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