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Night in a straitjacket
Fri Sep 14, 2012 09:35

I haven't posted in a while. I spent a wonderful night dressed in a full rubber suit, a viking dive suit and finally an xl Posey straitjacket. I managed to do this all myself. I do miss the feeling of someone restraining me. With self bondage, you always have to have a way out. I enjoyed my 6 hours in bondage and the 4lbs of sweat won't be missed. I wish there was a dating site for straitjacket lovers.

    • Re: Night in a straitjacketRader, Sat Sep 15 15:43
      Yes; I would be a joiner of a straitjacket dating site; sounds like a great idea. Yes having someone strap you in a Posey is a dream come true. Rader
      • Dating siteHarryTasker, Sun Sep 16 02:02
        For most of us the partner we are looking for is one of the opposite sex. In my opinion it is worth to consider alternatives though. A man for me does not work as well as a lady. But given the right... more
        • Re: Dating sitemx, Mon Sep 17 02:08
          There are quite some platforms on the internet, but my experience shows that the most straightforward way to achieve a certain goal is to broaden the number of people you know in your area. I'm... more
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