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Dating site
Sun Sep 16, 2012 02:02

For most of us the partner we are looking for is one of the opposite sex. In my opinion it is worth to consider alternatives though.

A man for me does not work as well as a lady.

But given the right planning like with any other date i.e. getting to know each other, first date in a public place like a restaurant and then agreeing on a non sexual meeting does work.

You do get the feeling of beeing strapped into a Straitjacket...beeing tied up in the Segufix...or chained up with a full combination including 'The Tube' for the hands.

Sure...a important part is missing.

But getting 50% is better than getting 0%...is it ?

By the way...online communities like the https://www.sklavenzentrale.com are a good place to start. You will find other people and should be able to find a Stammtisch / Munch where you can actually meet people. Make no mistake though..."I'm Peter, the new guy. Which lady would want to tie me up..." usually is the wrong way to start and will in most cases result in nothing. Except for maybe a "Hi Peter....bye Peter...".

  • Re: Night in a straitjacketRader, Sat Sep 15 15:43
    Yes; I would be a joiner of a straitjacket dating site; sounds like a great idea. Yes having someone strap you in a Posey is a dream come true. Rader
    • Dating site — HarryTasker, Sun Sep 16 02:02
      • Re: Dating sitemx, Mon Sep 17 02:08
        There are quite some platforms on the internet, but my experience shows that the most straightforward way to achieve a certain goal is to broaden the number of people you know in your area. I'm... more
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