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advice please
Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:34

I have not looked at this forum for quite a long time, but I just realized this might be the place to get some advice. I don't know how many people out there would have done this, but I hope I'm not alone. A few months ago I came into some money and I ordered a black latex rubber straitjacket with a high collar from Elenas. I had it made to measure as well. My problem is I don't have a partner to put it on me. I have tried a number of times to put it on myself, but I only get as far as zipping it up and pulling it on over my head, and then getting out of it can take a long time.
How should I go about finding someone to help me? I don't want to just ask a guy (boyfriend) to put me in it, that would be too scary. I hung it in my hall closet and let a friend see it; she just laughed and asked me why I got a bondage raincoat. I was too scared to do anything, especially since it was hanging next to several leather coats and jackets and vinyl and rubber raincoats. I hope someone has had a similar experience.

    • Re: advice pleaseLeatherJoan, Wed Jan 23 09:54
      Reading these replies I realize how leading and wanting my question really was. I guess that we all would love to know how to strap and bind ourselves in a straitjacket all by ourselves!
    • Finding someone...HarryTasker, Sat Jan 12 02:09
      Hello LeatherJoan, I would also be willing to lend you a hand...but...you are probably not near to Hannover. Hope you like what you bought from Elenas. Had bought a pair of inflatable mitts from them ... more
    • ZIPPING YOU UPRPHP123, Fri Jan 11 12:33
      I am not sure where you live; however in many large cities there are clubs of different types. Check into one, and after attending several meetings, You might be more confortable in asking someone to ... more
    • Zipping you inGregg, Fri Jan 11 10:50
      Leather Joan, If I live near you, I'll gladly zip you in for however long you desire.
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