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Finding someone...
Sat Jan 12, 2013 02:09

Hello LeatherJoan,
I would also be willing to lend you a hand...but...you are probably not near to Hannover.
Hope you like what you bought from Elenas. Had bought a pair of inflatable mitts from them and think they did a good job on that.

I’d say the best option for you would be to find a steady partner that would share your fantasies. Or at least one vanilla partner that does not share your fantasies but who is willing to give you a hand.

A good starting place to finding a good partner would be a ‚Stammtisch‘ if something like that is in your area. If you were in Germany a good place to a ‚Stammtisch‘ would be the http://www.sklavenzentrale.com. Contrary to a online community where everyone can claim to be whoever he / she wants to be on a real meeting you do get to see the people...talk to them and get to know them. After visiting such meetings a number of times you can make a decision who you like and then try to get a bit better contact to those people.

You should not try to find someone to help you too fast.
I’d say the faster you try to find someone the easier things go wrong.
You do know some things about how to set up a safe meeting...what a safecall is and alike ?

I think you should consider to give us here a general idea as to where you are.
Like...say...Southern England...Texas...Lower Saxony or something like that.
Maybe someone here lives in your area and you could consider meeting that person in a public place to share some thoughts and get to know each other better.

So much for now,

  • advice pleaseLeatherJoan, Thu Jan 10 10:34
    I have not looked at this forum for quite a long time, but I just realized this might be the place to get some advice. I don't know how many people out there would have done this, but I hope I'm not... more
    • Re: advice pleaseLeatherJoan, Wed Jan 23 09:54
      Reading these replies I realize how leading and wanting my question really was. I guess that we all would love to know how to strap and bind ourselves in a straitjacket all by ourselves!
    • Finding someone... — HarryTasker, Sat Jan 12 02:09
    • ZIPPING YOU UPRPHP123, Fri Jan 11 12:33
      I am not sure where you live; however in many large cities there are clubs of different types. Check into one, and after attending several meetings, You might be more confortable in asking someone to ... more
    • Zipping you inGregg, Fri Jan 11 10:50
      Leather Joan, If I live near you, I'll gladly zip you in for however long you desire.
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