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Re: update
Sun Jan 26, 2014 19:33

Yes I check it from time to time; But I guess nobody is in a jacket.
They should be, it is cold outside. LOL

  • Re: updateleatherjoan, Sat Jan 25 15:02
    Anyone still look at this thing???
    • Re: update — Anonymous, Sun Jan 26 19:33
    • Re: updateGregg, Sun Jan 26 11:49
      Yes and was wondering if anyone would like to play?
      • Re: updateleathered20, Mon Mar 30 20:10
        I drop by every once in a while to see what is going on.
        • Re: updateAnonymous, Tue Mar 31 17:31
          Yes I do also, but I guess every one must be tied up; nobody is saying anything. Rader
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