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Re: Newcomer
Fri Aug 28, 2015 20:41

Hi Tiger;
Where in the world do you come from, my self, I am in Illinois.
Have a Poesy, and love wearing it. How about you.

  • Newcomer ArtsyTiger, Thu Aug 27 00:30
    What's up, guys? I thought I would come here and talk to some people interested in straitjackets like me.
    • Re: Newcomer — RPHP123, Fri Aug 28 20:41
      • Re: Newcomer crazy4leather, Sat Aug 29 13:09
        From just west of Toronto. Have several straitjackets . Just looking for a woman to model them.
        • Re: Newcomer RPHP123, Sat Aug 29 20:31
          Where in Illinois are you located??? Maybe we could have coffee some day. Rader
          • Re:Newcomer ArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 21:14
            I live in Orland Park. How about you?
            • Re:Newcomer RPHP123, Sat Aug 29 21:17
              Grayslake, near the Great America Park. Rader
              • Re:Newcomer ArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 21:48
                I gotcha. Hey, maybe one day we can meet up.
                • Re:Newcomer RPHP123, Sat Aug 29 21:50
                  That would be great; Maybe for lunch or coffee, Maybe half way like near the airport??? Let me know. Rader
                  • Re:NewcomerArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 22:10
                    Sounds good. We could be straitjacket buddies.
      • Re: Re: NewcomerArtsyTiger, Fri Aug 28 23:38
        I live in Illinois too. Cool! I don't have one, unfortunately, but want to wear one.
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