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Sat Aug 29, 2015 22:15

I am 28 years old. How about you?

  • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 22:14
    This would be great, about how old are you??? Rader
    • Re:Newcomer — ArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 22:15
      • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 22:16
        68 for me, I am retired Carpenter, What line of work are you in?? Rader
        • Re:NewcomerArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 22:19
          I do graphic design and web development.
          • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 22:23
            Thats real cool, I dabble a little in graphics's a long time ago. I found it a rewarding endeavor when I designed something, then put it into the C-N-C Machine and carved it out of wood. Rader
            • Re:NewcomerArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 22:26
              Well that's interesting.
              • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 22:29
                Let me know when you are free. Rader
                • Re:NewcomerArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 22:32
                  Right now, I'm free in the afternoon.
                  • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 22:39
                    How about Monday? afternoon, do you have a favorite place to meet at?? Rader
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