Sat Aug 29, 2015 23:07

The address is 3418 N Harlem Ave, Chicago, IL. The nearest intersection is Harlem Ave & Roscoe St. I'm thinking we could meet at around 2:30?

  • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 23:03
    Great; do you have a cross street or address?? How about a time? Rader
    • Re:Newcomer — ArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 23:07
      • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 23:13
        OK Great. See you there, I will be driving a Tahoe, Champagne in color. Look forward to meeting you. Rader
        • Re:NewcomerArtsyTiger, Sat Aug 29 23:15
          Cool. My car is a red Galant.
          • Re:NewcomerRPHP123, Sat Aug 29 23:16
            I will be watching for it. Rader
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