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Coach bradford
Quidditch Tryouts!
Tue Sep 21, 2010 21:52

The Saturday of tryouts was a good windy overcast day for it. Alex Bradford grinned, he liked to hold tryouts in extreme weather so how the players reacted to the elements, he even hoped for rain. After their inaugural year and only playing one game, he had expected to be let go but luckily he was back and ready to build and bigger and stronger team.

Once a good-sized group was on the Pitch, he blew his whistle getting everyone’s attention. “Good morning everyone, welcome back to some of my players, and for others welcome to The Roaring Fireballs, I am your Coach Alex Bradford. I would like you all to introduce yourself, what positions your trying out for, and how much experience you have on a school team.” He paused and looked at each of them. Finally, the introductions were done and it was time for the tryouts.

“Okay listen carefully Keepers up on the north side of the Pitch there is four charmed chasers up there ready to try and score on you. All four have varying degrees of skill and will shoot the Quaffles at you one at a time.” He said with a grin. He thought the large charmed chasers already up in the air were a great invention. They would hold the information of each Keeper wannabe and how well they would did.

“Chasers.” He began again with a smile. “You’ll be working on the south side of the Pitch. Up there you will meet a charmed Keeper. You will get four shots and the charmed keeper will be a mix of hard, medium, and easy saves. Don’t try to cheat and throw more then four times and I will disqualify you from the team. Once more thing you will be chased by charmed bludgers.” He said as he smiled. Once again, the charmed Keeper would hold the information on his Chaser wannabes.

“Beaters you will be working on the west side of the Pitch. You will take a bat.” He pointed to the stack of bats near his feet. “Then you will fly up to where the bludgers are patiently waiting you, one at a time. You have two minutes to try and hit the three charmed chasers running around as many times as possible. You will be judge on how quickly, and how hard you hit them.”

“You will be starting on the east side of the Pitch but will be all over it. North, South, East, West, Up above, or Down below. You will be seeking this,” He paused as he held up a ball that looked exactly like the golden snitch except the wings were set to match the sky. “One at a time you will go up and seek my snitch look alike. When you catch it throw it out and then fly down. The next seeker has to wait one minute before flying onto the east side then when you reach that area your time will start.” With that he threw the snitch into the air. The snitch itself would time how long it took to find it, and where it was positioned and for how long.

With that he blew his whistle and the students were off!

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