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Darla Applerose
Going for Seeker...again
Tue Sep 21, 2010 23:07

Darla walked onto the pitch, excited to be trying out for the Seeker position again. It was her third year already, and she was praying to God that she'd make it this year. The wind blew her soft brown hair back, and she was glad for tying it in a ponytail before coming. She always had to be prepared for any weather, and this kind of weather, gloomy and overcast, was her favourite.

Her training this summer had been great again. She'd had nothing to do at home, so she'd gone to the Quidditch pitch in her town and practised hourlessly for months. Time to put her reflexes to the test.

Alex knew her, but she supposed she had to introduce herself anyway. "Darla Applerose," she called out, "trying out for Seeker, and I was the Chaser for this team in my first-year, and captain last year. I was also Seeeker the last two years in my secondary school, if you wanted to know that too." Her secondary school hadn't been the best, but they had won many matches. It always made her feel so good.

As former captain of the Roaring Fireballs, she felt even more in tune with the pitch. She had practised a lot here, and she'd had the team practise a lot as well. She felt confident enough.

Darla could feel the moist ground underneath her Quidditch boots, and as the wind blew gently against her face, she smiled. Soon, the wind would be howling in her ears and whipping her. Oh, she loved that feeling. She listened intently as Alex informed them of the Seeker tryouts, and, suddenly feeling anxious, nodded, getting onto her custom-made broom and flying out to the east side of the pitch, preparing to seek. It was a perfect day for practise. It was overcast and windy. Cool, but not freezing, and not hot at all.

Darla watched as Alex threw the sky-coloured snitch into the air and watched it disappear before he blew his whistle, signaling everyone to begin. And she was still, watching, waiting. Her keen blue eyes searched the chaotic pitch for the small ball, eyes darting from one place to another. She could feel the anticipation building up in her, and when she noticed an unnatural dart near the northern hoops, she immediately soared off, almost involuntarily.

Pressing her body to the broom to get more speed, she didn't allow her eyes to falter. Once she had her eyes on the goal, she was never going to let it out of her sight. She reached the hoops in no time, circling the top hoop once in an attempt to follow. The snitch soared off towards the Chasers, and Darla followed it, not giving a second thought. She zoomed past the Chasers, not allowing her concentration and focus to be broken. Everything, all the noise, the background, the sky, seemed to disappear. She could only see the snitch.

She dodged a flying bludger as she got closer to the ball. It was circling the pitch, and suddenly dropped, and she dropped along with it. Almost free-falling, she reached her pale hand out to grab it. Almost there...

Darla snatched it out of the air and pulled herself up automatically as she had taught herself to do by playing dangerous free-falling games with her broomas a first-year. All her movements with the snitch and her broom were nearly automatic. It was as if the broom could already anticipate her next move. That's what you get for getting a custom-made broom.

She could relax now, the adrenaline pumping through her veins. Darla dropped onto the pitch in front of Alex and held the pseudo-snitch for him to see. Her hair was in disarray, and her face was bright pink from the cold wind, but she felt satisfied. Panting a little from the excitement, she flashed a smile.

"Good?" she asked breathlessly.

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