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Mia Nealson
Déjà vu much?
Thu Sep 23, 2010 16:45

It wasn’t just day-to-day clothes that Mia Nealson had specially tailored. It was all of her robes. When she had attended RMI, even the uniform robes had been a special cut—she couldn’t go about looking drab like the rest of the ugly ducklings there, after all. Anyway, she walked out onto the Pitch in the same dove-gray robes she had worn last year to try-outs, Fondre in hand and ready to beat the competition, as usual. Not that there really was any competition here at this godforsaken school. Well, there was Hector, but Mia was hardly going to let her arrogant, pain-in-the-ass fiancé beat her out for a spot on the team, even if it would be captained by that annoying butch lesbian again.

Speaking of Darla Applerose, Mia smirked at her the moment their eyes met. Tastefully, she bit back a pointed question as to how well the upperclasswoman had been sleeping of late. Nightmares, Darla? Horrible, cold-sweat nightmares? Really? What a shame, you should see someone about that. But the snide narrative remained in her head, and the auburn-haired girl merely smiled sweetly at the useless waste of time that (unfortunately) happened to captain the school team of the only extra-curricular Mia indulged in.

She was considering a double-major in Relations and Healing, if only because nobody knew how to take people apart better than a Healer did. The pureblooded sophomore could not think of a better course to take in preparation for her future as the wife of Hector Edwards. Especially as she had every intention of entering politics in her own right, at least in some form or fashion. Regardless, she didn’t have time for nonsense but couldn’t give up the competition fun of Quidditch. It was a sport that many pureblood girls were forbidden to play, but her Oma and Opa had never tried to stop her from playing. They probably just figured she had to have something of her wild American father in her, and better this than his other habits.

“My name is Mia Nealson,” she said with a flash of straight, magically-whitened teeth in a friendly grin when it was her turn to introduce herself to the team. Her English was perfect and unaccented, just as her Dutch was. “I will be trying out for the position of Chaser today. I was Head Chaser at Rocky Mountain International for the Aquila team for several years, and have Chased my entire school career. I also play on a recreational league in the Netherlands during my summer holidays. Oh, and I was Chaser on the team last year,” Mia added, almost as an afterthought. The only real Chaser, if they were being honest. The lesbian had tried out for Seeker and hadn’t made it. Seriously, what kind of Captain couldn’t make a team playing their first position and had to be relegated to a secondary position just so they had warm bodies? She had been useless during games too.

Once again, the Chasers were on the South side of the Pitch, and Mia beat the rest of them there. Grasping the Quaffle in one hand, the medium-sized girl kicked off on her Fondre and soared into the air more quickly than someone might expect. Actually, she did that intentionally. Last year she had made all four goals in five minutes. This year, her goal was four.

Goal number one, and it was clear that the Charmed Keeper was on its easiest setting from the way it followed (or rather, failed to) her movements. Taking the easy way out, Mia lobbed the Quaffle towards the far hoop, then dove down to catch it on its way out. Score one. The next goal would probably be a little bit harder, but Mia was hardly going to sweat. Her auburn hair was tied into a bun, her Quidditch robes were pressed against her body—and not unattractively—from the wind she was generating with her broom, and she was unstoppable. More so than usual.

She under-estimated the difficulty of the next goal, though, and had to do a last-minute adjustment to her path back towards the goals so that she sped undeneath the middle one instead of above it, as she had planned. Still, she tipped the Quaffle through the bottom of the centre goal, and that made for two goals. Now that the Dutch girl was warmed up, she was ready to show off to her fiancé, the Coach, and anyone else who might think they could take her position. The third goal, therefore, was an elaborate, showy one that involved Mia throwing the Quaffle in one direction and, as the Keeper moved to get it, speeding to catch up to the crimson ball and doing a tailflip with her broom, smacking it soundly in the opposite direction.

Three goals down and it had been three minutes. Narrowing her grey eyes at the dummy, Mia tried to gauge what difficulty it was on. She was pretty sure the ‘hard’ goal had been the last one, and from its movements she seemed to be correct. Still, wanting to be conservative with her final shot, Mia made it a simple drop-shot from above the centre hoop, the shot she had been trying to make with her second attempt. The ball went in, and Mia grinned smugly to herself, having broken her own record fairly soundly. Windswept, she sank slowly to the Pitch, reveling in the adreneline rush that was finally catching up to her system. Mia dismounted and crossed her arms, gazing up at the competition.

Beat that, she silently dared them, watching in amusement to see if they would even try.

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